Jelly Belly Founder Candy Factory, to Give Cash Rewards in Nationwide Treasure Hunt

FAIRFIELD, California (KGO) – Remember Hidden Cash? Well, now a different kind of treasure hunting could be the next big frenzy.This time the founder of Fairfield, California-based Jelly Bailey is launching a series of Golden Ticket treasure hunts before his retirement.

Think Willy Wonka – with a twist.David Klein announced the competition in a video message online, stating that the big winner would walk away with the keys to his very own candy factory. Thousands of dollars in prizes are also for graves.

Klein says gold stamps are hidden in secret places all over America

“, You will be looking for a gold ticket in the form of a necklace with a tag that includes a code that you must use to verify your search. Winners will receive $ 5,000,” according to the contest rules.

But, only one person will win the grand prize.

“We’re going to search for the final treasure, where the winner will receive the key to one of our candy factories,” Klein said.

Klein, who no longer owns Jelly Bailey, tells ABC7 News that he is giving one of the “Candyman Kitchens” in Florida.

Klein said of the treasure hunt, “The world needs it right now. We have received comments from thousands of people who say it has arrived at just the right time.”

Competition is not free. Those who wish to participate must pay approximately $ 50 to receive their state puzzle. There is also a gold ticket Facebook group.

“Each treasure hunt has a strict limit of 1,000 participants,” Klein said.

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