Jeh Johnson: I hope Americans will find out that the Trump presidency was a ‘failed experiment’

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said Sunday that he hoped Americans would find out that Trump was a “new experiment” of the presidency.

Johnson, who served as Homeland Security secretary under former President Obama, told CNN’s “Farid Zakaria GPS” that he thinks history will not miss Trump’s presidency and “those who supported it” Even though the Senate has pleaded not guilty to inciting Trump. Capital riots earlier this month.

“Four years ago, we were engaged in a very dangerous experiment by electing someone who was completely unfit for office, who had no moral or legal compass, and was clearly inclined toward fascism and autocracy.” Johnson said.

“My hope is that as time passes Americans will realize that this was a failed experiment and we should never try it again,” he continued. “Look at the results of that in the last four years.

“Now it has a track record Donald TrumpDonald TrumpFacebook temporarily bans advertisements for weapons goods after capital riots, in furious op-ed, says QAnon is destroying GOP worked after section 230 rebellion, but not before: social How to regulate media more And his presidency should be judged, so in our democracy, if Congress does not take steps in this direction, the American public should do so, ”he said.

Johnson told Zakaria that he expected the Senate to vote to indict the president, but added that it’s ultimately “up to the American voters” to decide whether Trump would qualify as a future candidate. Can.

The former Secretary of Homeland Security called for improving his policing of political content on social media, as Republicans at the polls indicate a majority believe the president wrongly believes in the election Joe BidenJoe Bidenemissouri woman seen with Pelosi charged in connection with capital riots. Facebook has temporarily banned arms paraphernalia after the capital riots. He was not legitimately elected to take office this week.

Biden will be inaugurated on Wednesday, two weeks after being raided by Trump supporter rioters in an attempt to prevent Congress from certifying the Electoral College victory of the presidential election.

The riots forced lawmakers to rush to safer places and chambers to stop the Electoral College debate, although lawmakers authenticated the results hours after the Capitol was secured by law enforcement. The raid resulted in the deaths of five people, including a Capitol police officer.

The House last week accused Trump of instigating crowds in the Capitol after calling for protests to march to the Capitol, “demonstrating power” and “fighting like hell” or “you’re not going for a country” . “


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