Jeffrey Epstein, New Allen Derswitz Accusations Reveal Maxwell Records 2015 Email

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A much-awaited statue of old court records from a defamation lawsuit against Gisleen Maxwell by alleged victim Virginia Gifrey was released late Thursday, and more about Jeffrey Epstein’s dark saga and the alleged sex ring of young girls Disclose, including:

Key Facts

A 2015 email from Epstein to Maxwell that appears to be a draft of a statement by Maxwell about the allegations surrounding him can be provided to the press.

“since [Jeffrey Epstein] Was charged in [2007] For the solicitation of a prostitute, I am a part of the email I read to Maxwell, the outright lie, innocent, defamatory, slanderous and abusive, aiming at gossip and harassment.

Maxwell claimed that he had not been in contact with Epstein for a decade, however, in his July 14 request for bail.

Giuffre, said in a May 2016 statement, Maxwell worked as a “helicopter pilot” for Epstein’s private island in the Virgin Islands, and Maxwell reported that he flew former President Bill Clinton to the island, Although Clinton has been there before.

A 2014 document filed by two unnamed women claiming to be Epstein’s victims stated that one of Jane Doe # 3’s women held her as a “sex slave from 1999 through 2002” Was. “

The 2014 document also names Alan Dershowitz, a former Harvard law professor, one of the men Jane Doe # 3 was trafficked; Dershowitz did not respond to a request for comment Forbes, But has previously denied Giuffre’s claims that she was forced to have sex with him.

Serious quote

“The district court judge Loretta Presca wrote in response to a request to delay the release of the documents,” the court is upset – but not surprised – that Ms. Maxwell has again sought to drip water. She ordered the indeterminate during the July 23 hearing.

large number

More than 600. How many pages of documents were issued. Communications from Giuffre and Maxwell’s lawyers were also included, along with deposits and other documents.

Main background

Documents were issued to pull every stop to prevent Maxwell’s lawyers from going public. A Wednesday letter for reconsideration, which Presca called an “eleventh hour request”, was rejected. Maxwell appealed the decision for two of his own 2016 deposits, which could be released on Friday or Monday, stating that he had confidential information that would have led to a protective order from the 2017 anonymous settlement of the case Is under Maxwell is being held without bail in a Brooklyn federal prison on charges of trapping and transporting minors as part of Epstein’s alleged sex ring, as well as during his 2016 deposits that are part of the Zafray defamation case. Giffrey claims that Epstein and Maxwell forced her to have sex with their famous and powerful friends, including Prince Andrew and Dershovit. Maxwell pleaded not guilty to his charges and denied all previous charges. Prince Andrew and Dershovit have previously denied Giffrey’s allegations. Epstein died in a Manhattan jail in August 2019 while awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges.

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