Jeff Zucker suspects CNN’s future

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CNN president’s future Jeff zucker The network is skeptical, as they faced a contract renewal in 2021, after AT&T took over news network’s takeover in 2019, after some of their responsibilities were stripped.

According to Wall Street Journal, A 55-year-old media titan who has been running the network since 2013, has been frustrated by executive jockeying inside the corporation and its new owner, WarnerMedia CEO Jason killer.

When asked about his future in a town hall video chat on Wednesday, Mr. Zakar said he loved his job, but said, “The industry is changing, our company is changing, so I have a lot to think about. There is a lot for, ”according to one recording of her comment. He said, “I will do it at the right time.”

Mr. Zakar said that he would not make a decision about staying on CNN until after the election.

Zucker’s tenure has been particularly marked as successes, but the well-known micromanaging network president’s news decision has also been criticized for intense criticism. While CNN has enjoyed heavily rated spikes in both the 2016 and 2020 elections, they have been publicly called out – even by some of CNN’s high-profile talents – for the vast chariots of free air time to orbit Donald Trump’s Campaign.

But since becoming president, however, Trump has regularly targeted CNN as its biggest media advisor, and has repeatedly labeled it “the enemy” and attacked its on-air personalities.

“When Mr. Killer succeeded John stankey Over WarnerMedia earlier this year, “The magazine Explained, “He did another overhaul in August, taking away from Mr. Zucker Oversight of CNN’s Finance and Human Resources, as well as the area run by Communications-Mr. Zucker’s top lieutenant, Allison Kolst. These changes angered Mr. Zucker. ”

Although Zucker’s contract is not due for renewal until later next year, negotiations to resume his role as network head are not due to begin after the election. But if TV news giants are removed from the path via AT&T, restructuring around a more digital and subscription-based future for their media properties, they may leave CNN early, magazine notes.

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