Jeff Bezos sells another $ 3 billion in Amazon stock

Jeff Bezos sold another $ 3 billion worth of Amazon stock this week as his e-commerce empire’s share price steadily rose.

In the Securities and Exchange Commission’s records show, on the stock exchange so far this year, Amazon distributed 1 million Amazon shares in seven trades.

The pre-planned transaction gave the 56-year-old, Bezos, a net profit of nearly $ 3.02 billion and left him with some 53.4 million shares of Amazon – over $ 173 billion as of Wednesday – as the world’s richest man Retained its position comfortably.

Bezos has dumped Amazon shares at a very fast pace in 2020, a year that saw the Seattle-based company’s share price rise by more than 75 percent since the coronavirus virus epidemic exploded into online shopping.

He has made more than $ 10.2 billion from the sale of 3 million shares this year, including previous August sales and sales in the days following Amazon’s January earnings report. According to data compiled by OpenInsider, up from 1.5 million shares last year and about 2 million shares in 2017 and 2018.

Bezos has said it will sell at least $ 1 billion worth of Amazon shares to fund its space-exploration startup, Blue Origin, which aims to reach tourists into space and launch a satellite Internet network – a lot of partners Like SpaceX of billionaire Elon Musk.

Bezos announced in February that it would pay $ 10 billion to fight climate change through a new “Bezos Earth Fund”, which has so far committed up to $ 700 million to several environmental nonprofits, according to The Atlantic is.

According to Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index, Bezos owns more than 90 percent of Amazon’s $ 191 billion stake. The rest comes from Blue Origin and Washington Post newspaper ownership, plus cash and other assets.


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