Jaylen Brown of the Celtics makes NBA history with big performances, shouts to Bill Russell

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Jason Tatum was sidelined due to COVID-19, with the Boston Celtics having a tough week that included back-to-back losses to their Eastern Conference rivals, the Philadelphia 76ers. But on Sunday, he bounced back in a major way, defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers 141-103 and coming back into the winning column.

He did it in a big way thanks to Jaylen Brown, who continued his breakout season with a game-high 33 points at a highly efficient 13-to-20 from the field. The amount of points you score at any given time is impressive, but even more so when you do it in just 19 minutes.

With the Celtics fully under control, right from the opening tip, head coach Brad Stevens took advantage of the opportunity to get some extra rest on his debut, so Brown didn’t even check in for the fourth quarter. As a result, he set a new record for scoring the most points in an NBA game in under 20 minutes as the shot clock era began in 1954.

Brown, who set a new personal best with his fourth straight game of at least 25 points, now averages career-highs in both scoring and assist, and put up 27.3 points, 5.8 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game on 53.2 percent shooting. Used to be. . He has made tremendous progress in many aspects of his game, and his efforts are being recognized.

After Sunday’s game, he shouted one of Boston’s all-time legends: Bill Russell. 11 time champions Took to twitter – which he is surprisingly active for at the age of 86 – to write, “Tonight is playing great @FCHWPO Let it go. “

A win, a record and a message from the Hall of Famer. It is no better than this.

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