Jaybird's updated Run XT adds waterproofing to truly wireless headphones

Jaybird is back with a second generation of his truly wireless Run headphones, Run XT, which offer an improvement over the originals by adding a complete IPX7 waterproofing and some new color options.

While Jaybird is one of the names for wireless exercise aids, the company did not achieve the mark with first-generation Run hearing aids, which suffered from unreliable Bluetooth connectivity issues that eventually left the company's first attempt as an option lackluster compared to more capable competitors.

Jaybird has not said whether he has made any improvements to the system or not, the original Run headphones used a second Bluetooth connection to communicate between the headphones, instead of the near field magnetic induction technology with which most others work wireless devices. But baduming they work better (which we'll have to prove for ourselves) the addition of the waterproofing is good, although I still would not risk swimming, even with an IPX7 rating.

The rest of the Run XT buttons are more or less unchanged from the original: the same design, the same Siri buttons and Google Assistant, the same option for the right earphone (which Jaybird calls "Mono Mode"). The useful life of the battery is also the same: four hours off, with two additional full loads in the case for a total of 12 hours.

Jaybird is also implementing a new podcast feature as part of their application in early February, providing a tab within the Jaybird app to find podcasts organized by Jaybird athletes and staff (or you can use any of the various dedicated podcast applications, that also works well.)

The Run XT headphones will cost $ 179.99, just like their non-waterproof predecessors, when they go on sale in February.

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