Jay Park Talk Global Ambitions, ‘H1GHR’ compilation album

H1GHR Music Artists Selected as Cover Artists Of billboard korea magazine 5th number. Since its debut in 2017, Jay Park has been focused on expanding the H1GHR MUSIC label and its roster of talent, creating programs such as hip-hop-related TV shows Dingo freestyle And Show me the money While constantly dropping new albums.

With their debut compilation album H1GHR: red tape, H1GHR MUSIC is on a journey to become the premier hip-hop label in the country.

It all starts with the album’s grand intro track highlighted by Golden’s powerful vocals.

In-house producers WOOGIE and GroovyRoom teamed up with guest producer BOYCOLD to fully embrace hip-hop genres that are popular nowadays, including trap, electronic music and drills. “Melanin Handsome” and “Check My Bio” feature the BK Drill Type Beat, best represented by American rapper Pop Smoke, and both tracks focus on the genre’s musical interpretation of Sick-K and PH-1. Give.

“Closed Case” is a track that reminds you of West Coast hip-hop rappers, while “The Purge” is fun to listen to in an arrangement of extreme sounds that make you feel wild in a cool pit.

And, of course, the compilation gathers all the label’s rappers in a single album. Woody Gochild’s charming and distinctly active and strong rhythm can be enjoyed in “DDD Freestyle”, and HAON’s superb tongue twister rap is presented in “World Domination”. While the rest of the roster showcases their musical artistry of rap in “How We Rock” and “Telephone Remix”, new artists such as BIG Naughty and TRADE L make an appearance.

After release HIGHR: Red Tape, The label is set to skip the second collection album, HIGHR: Blue Tape On 16 September, which shows a completely different style than before.

The mastermind behind the project is Jay Park, a prominent icon of the Korean hip-hop scene. He shares the story about his first label-wide compilation album.

BB: What inspired you to do a compilation album for H1GHR MUSIC?
Jay Park: I kept asking myself, ‘How can we grow our game as a hip-hop label?’ I considered the different ways that artists can truly demonstrate our musical identity while giving them the opportunity to step into their careers. By doing all our work together, I felt that it would help to give more recognition to new artists. All in all, it was just something needed to grow as a label.

I can imagine great levels of synergy as a team.
Completely. Take TRADE L for example. He is our newest addition to the roster and was not very well known until the release of our first compilation music video “How We Rock”, which immediately garnered over one million views. This is not an opportunity a 17-year-old rogue rapper usually can be. Nowadays, a lot of rappers and outlets are limited to perform. So artists tend to put on more productions and music videos, which may be overshadowed by the public. Despite all of this, our album gave great responses and I am grateful for it. This is going to be a meaningful and inspiring experience for the team.

Two different albums H1GHR: RED TAPE (‘RED’) And H1GHR: Blue Tape (‘Blue’) have been issued. How are they different?
I asked artists to send in my work and I got a ton of it. There were just so many with different genres that we couldn’t put all of them into one album. So we ended up sorting them with saucy and some heavy songs Red And light, for easy listeners Blue. We put a lot of thought into naming each album. Red Symbol of an angry bull. We wanted to convey the sentimental messages of “This is who we are” and “Try to get to know us” through a track named for this album. Red. Together Blue, Which represents the sky and the sea, we have compiled songs that are more relaxing and pampered with acoustic arrangements and R&B sounds.

Songs released before the official drop of H1GHR: red tape There are some great responses on 2 September.
That’s why Red So strong, I don’t think it will be well received by the public. But to my surprise, “Arrival” and “How We Rock” reached over a million views with overwhelming positive response. I’ve always said “your efforts don’t go in vain” and this album has really proved it. I am thankful that people have started accepting our honesty and dedication. To be frank, it is not easy to do a successful job with so many artists involved.

How was it to work with such a large group of artists? Any challenge?
Having the most experience, it makes sense for me to oversee the overall project while PH-1 took over music production. He has got talent and a lot of ideas, and more importantly, he shows consistency in his work. We used a lot of verses that he wrote. Sick-K writes a lot of songs fast without compromising quality.

When we were done with the idea of ​​compilation, I asked all the artists to send in their work and he was the most sending person who contributed to speed things up. HAON was the owner of his share, knowing what he was good at and what improvements he needed to make. He did an extraordinary job with the verse and performed an excellent interpretation of the song. BIG Naughty and TRADE L, our youngest artists, are definitely of that get-up and go-go attitude. With a little guidance, he managed to be with the rest. When GroovyRoom and WOOGIE held some H1GHR style beats, Sik-K, pH-1, Golden and I would add hooks to each. They have a completely different style for making beats, which is actually pretty cool because we don’t end up with similar sounds. Woody Göchild can also make some unique sounds with a little direction and help. His rap in one video feels particularly good.

Finally, Golden can take any song to the next level with its hooks and background vocals. He has such a unique gift of making every note and every word sound distinctive. It is very impressive. I am sure that they have all learned through this whole project that experience does nothing. It does not matter how talented you are. Goals learned and achieved over the years can never go unnoticed. This project was more difficult than I thought, but much better than I thought.

With every artist being so unique in their own way, I think being a little clash was inevitable.
I’m sure there were things they didn’t agree with, but they managed to follow up with confidence, which I really appreciate. I was all ears when they were sharing their thoughts but I also tried to be honest with them. I was still good about it because they are like my family, but when they face the real world, they have to be held with very objective, critical responses. I felt that more constructive criticism would benefit his career in the long run. And that’s why it’s important to have the right people around you. They respect you and trust you, but at the same time they can tell you directly. It is our mutual trust that has made the whole process so easy.

Is there an artist that surprised you?
I have known Sikh-K and PH-1 for so long that there was nothing to be surprised about them. But with the rest of the team, it was a different story. I did not know that Golden would form such a rapport with the group and write such fine tunes and songs. Dong Hyun was still ill. Dude is great for an 18 year old. He is particularly good with more melodious music. In “Arrival”, TR L’s part was just before the mine and they had just nominated it, which I attribute to them because it’s definitely not an easy job. With Woody Gochild, I honestly felt a little disappointed about what happened on the show Me Money, but after seeing a lot of positive comments on the “Arrival” video, I was very proud.

What would you like people to see through this compilation album?
H1GHR Music Artist. I think they are all great people with some great things done. Also, they have so much potential to become better but I hate that I am the only one who knows about that ability. I don’t know how much I can help but I wanted this project to help them get more recognition. It would be nice to let people know that we are proudly making music as H1GHR music artists under H1GHR Music, not AOMG’s affiliated label; We have never been an affiliate of AOMG.

Frankly, I did not expect that these people would be able to pull it off so well. Initially, I was skeptical about Trade L when we were recording together, but that turned out to be terrible and did a great job. He has got a good rhythm and tone, and he also writes very good songs and has a great performance. I can’t believe he is only 17 years old. But he definitely needs to be more natural with the camera. He only looks like a cheater once. [laughs]

You’ve been grinding for the rest of your career to be a K-pop idol, b-boying, starting your own label, and doing TV shows like there’s no limit to what you can do, and this is some kind of a The figure is. Working so hard to support his family. What should you do to advance yourself?
At first, it was all just about fun. I like to challenge myself and want to see if I have a good one to try different things. So I collaborated quite a lot with other artists. I also do it for money because I have people to support me. I know that I must be in a certain position with fame and influence and be able to help them and I am working hard to maintain that position. Now that I have done a good enough job, my intention is to just focus on what I have to do.

And what will that be?
If there is something I can do that will open a door for another artist, this is what I will do. I try to be where I am going to be – where I can make a positive impact on others. I enjoy building rapport with someone. I do not have a big vision in terms of my music career because what I have done so far is more than enough for me. It would be wrong to do nothing more than this.

How do you see the future of H1GHR MUSIC? You are very interested in traveling the world and going global.
The idea of ​​a global market has always been on my mind. We have already signed on with some foreign artists such as Suf Suf, who recently released their album, and 28AV who has done some work with Lil Mose. We plan to promote compilation albums across America. I have learned to believe that you should take care of yourself, hoping to trust others and find a solution for yourself. Instead, you should try and search for your own answers.

This has always been my motive. Opportunities create more opportunities. We have compiled the album for ourselves and now we are interviewing here Billboard korea And providing another opportunity for us to promote the album. Instead of settling where I am, I strive to go higher and get better. Whether it is music, tourism, fashion, video content, music charts or whatnot, I am always searching for ways to bring the best results.

This article originally appeared on Billboard Korea.