Jay Leno rebooted on Fox television stations to host ‘You Bet Your Life’ game

Jay Leno is set to host a reboot of the game show “You Bet Your Life”.

The comedian will revive the series with Fox television stations starting in the fall of 2021.

The original quiz show ran on television from 1950–61, but it debuted on radio in ’47, and the reboot preserved interviews and banquets with contestants, which became very well known for the original.

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Participants will have a shot at winning prize money by answering a set of questions from pre-determined categories. Each episode will feature two pair contestants.

Jay Leno will host a reboot of the classic game show ‘You Bet Your Life’. (Getty Images)

The first 180 episodes will be distributed by Fox First Run.

“You are thrilled to host the latest version of ‘You Bet Your Life’.” In a statement given by Fox News, the 70-year-old Leno said, “One of my favorite things is to talk to regular people and get humor out of them.” “It’s a comedy show wrapped in a game show that allows me to do that.”

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Station Group CEO Jack Abernethy said, “We need a familiar face to make us laugh and we are incredibly proud and excited to reinvigorate this famous franchise.”

American comedian Grucho Marx was the host of the original iteration of 'You Bet Your Life'.  (Getty Images)

American comedian Grucho Marx was the host of the original iteration of ‘You Bet Your Life’. (Getty Images)

Shornner David Herwitz as Tom Werner will also serve as an executive producer.

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Hurwitz stated, “Jay Leno’s prudence is perfect for this heritage brand and I couldn’t be more excited to partner with him and Tom Werner.”