Jathi Ratnalu Intro: Meet Jogipet Srikanth

27 December 2020

Talented stand-up comedian turned hero Naveen Polyshetti will next be seen in ‘Hathi Ratnalu’. With Naveen being one year old, the makers released an introduction to the lead actor.

Playing the role of Jogipet Srikanth, Naveen appears as a prisoner in a prison. He appears to be struggling to break stones with a hammer but has a funny angle in his role and shines in an old get-up when the ending ends.

Naveen effortlessly fits into such roles and her body language gives an entertaining performance.

‘Jati Ratnalu’ is directed by Anudip while the rest are ‘Ratnalu’ Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna.

Director Nag Ashwin is producing the film under the Swapna Cinema banner.

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