Jason Peters is set to return for the 2020 season

Doug Pederson found an unexpected visitor at his office door on Monday morning.

It was the future Hall of Fame, stating that he is finally ready to return to his position.

“I can actually share some news with you,” Pedersen said on Monday afternoon. “Jason Peters came into my office this morning and has decided to slide to left tackle. This is what selflessness is. When we talk about people and we specifically talk about Jason Peters, it’s him. He not only sacrifices his body for the football team. He did an excellent job for us at the right watch.

“It was a real experience for him that he used to play on the right and do some interior work,” he said. As he not only sees where we are, but also where he is, he came today and was excited by the left-handed move. ”

This move of left tackle is coming without a restructured contract. But it can still happen along the way.

Peters, 38, was playing the role of the right guard at all training camps. The Eagles signed him to play in that position after Brandon Brooks left with a torn Achilles.

But after Andre Dillard tore his biceps, Peters was keenly guarded. It was then reported that Peters needed a pay bump to move from the right guard to the left tackle.

The Eagles put Matt Prior on the left to finish training and it felt like Prior was not ready to play that position. Pederson said either Prior, Nat Herbig or Jack Drisol would take over as the right guard.

Peters signed a $ 3 million one-year contract to play right guard this season. He earned $ 6 million from the left tackle last season.

The Eagles also tackled veteran Cordley Glenn this weekend. Paderson didn’t get into too many details, but said the workout went well. Even when dealing with Baet, the Eagles do not have a ton of experience. He has just eight offensive linemen on the 53-roster and can make sense adding some depth.