Jason Momoa claimed Ray Fisher’s ‘Justice League’: “People need to be accountable”

On 1 July, Fisher alleged that Joss Whedon, which resumes for 2017 Justice League, Was abusive on set. He has also claimed that producers John Berg and Geoff Johns enabled the filmmaker’s behavior. WarnerMedia said it was investigating these claims last month, but on 4 September Warner Bros. released a statement claiming that Fisher was not cooperating in the investigation. Fisher denied this with a statement of his own.

Momoa, in the backing fisher, did not share any details about the alleged behavior on the set of Justice League. He went on a Warner Bros. report. Frosty the snowman The project, in which he was reported to be starring, involved Berg and Johns from production. According to Momoa, news of that film was leaked as a distraction. News of Momoa starring in the project came on the morning of July 1, when Fisher made her allegations on Twitter.

“I think it’s fishy that people issued a fake Frosty proclamation without trying to distract from Ray Fisher, speaking of the way we were treated at the Justice League rehab,” Momoa wrote . “Serious stuff went down. It should be investigated and people held accountable. #IStandWithRayFisher. Aloha j”

Momoa has significant connections with the studio, as she is the face of the $ 1 billion Aquaman Franchise, which is a sequel to the works, and also December Dune is coming.

Fisher played the character of Cyborg Justice League, Which left director Zac Snyder in May 2017 following a family tragedy. Fisher has a close relationship with Snyder, who cast the actor and is now working on his film’s HBO Max Cut.

“‘[Whedon’s] The treatment on the set of the Justice League cast and crew was disgusting, disrespectful, unprofessional and completely unacceptable, “Fisher wrote on Twitter on July 1.” He was able in many ways, by [producers] Geoff Johns and John Berg. ”

Berg has denied the claims, while Johns and Whedon have not publicly addressed them.