Jason Momoa backed Justice Ray Fisher’s claims that Jose Whedon was abusive on the ‘Justice League’ set

The DC Extended Universe has struggled to gain a foothold, especially since the Marvel Cinematic Universe has wooed audiences and critics in theaters. although Amazing woman Started to critical acclaim like other films Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice And Justice League The fans did not meet expectations.

In July, amidst the Black Lives Matter movement, Ray Fisher, who plays the cyborg, came forward to accuse Joss Whedon of mistreatment on the set, claiming he was supported by the firm’s producers. Until now, many of Fisher’s co-stars have remained silent. Warner Bros. has even suggested that Fisher is not cooperating in their investigation.

Everything changed last night when Jason Momoa, who plays the role of Aquaman and has an extensive relationship with the studio, supports Fisher.

Ray Fisher accuses Joss Whedon of misconduct

Fisher appeared first Batman vs Superman Was a leading role in advertising then Justice League. Hired by Zack Cinder, Fisher has a great relationship with the director. Unfortunately, Cinder had to withdraw from the film in May 2017 due to a family tragedy. Whedon stepped in to finish the film’s rehab, and Fisher alleged that it was a terrible experience. On 1 July he tweeted,

[Whedon’s] The set-and-treat treatment of the Justice League cast and crew was gross, outrageous, unprofitable and completely unacceptable. He was capable in many ways [producers] Geoff Johns and John Berg.

He also worked on back actors Kai Cole, Karisma Carpenter, Jeff Pruitt and Sophia Crawford, who have previously accused Whedon of similar behavior.

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Warner Bros. accused Ray Fisher of not cooperating in the investigation

Earlier this month, Warner Bros. suggested that Fisher was not facing his investigation. Fisher wrote in a tweet that read,

To date, the “independent” firm hired by @wbpictures has readily avoided contacting key witnesses who made damaging statements to WB HR. He has begun interviews with witnesses (and since ghosts) implicating former and current top-level officials.

During a panel for Justice Conn in late July, they also revealed that they had been working for more than two years to make a case against Whedon.We are going to do everything by heart, “he said.” And if I said anything about the man, I wholeheartedly invite him to sue me for slander. ”

Jason Momoa is now backing Ray Fisher’s claims

While Fisher says many have reached out to him in private, Momoa is now going public in support of him. The NSFW Instagram post reads, “This sh * t has to be stopped and @ ray8fisher and everyone else who happens to be under the watch of @wbpictures needs a proper investigation.”

Momoa continued to say that Wegner Bros spread a fake rumor about playing the role of Fisty the Snowman to distract him from Fish’s claims. He continued,

I think it is fu * ked that people issued a fake Frosty declaration without my comment, trying to distract from Ray Fisher speaking about the just manner in which we were treated . Serious stuff went down. It should be investigated and people should be held accountable. #IStandWithRayFisher. Aloha

With Momoa now in the mix, Warner Bros. will have to do some serious damage control.