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Jason Garrett's contract will be extended to a second decade after the second playoff victory


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The contract of the Dallas Cowboys head coach, Jason Garrett, was going to expire after the 2019 season, but Reports from Ian Rapoport that Jerry Jones will extend after the playoffs, no matter what happens tonight against the Rams.

The Cowboys started 3-5 this year, and Dan Graziano of ESPN had Garrett's job still in jeopardy until last month after a loss by whitening the Colts. But two late victories secured the NFC East, and The Clapper's team beat the Seahawks 24-22 in the wild card round last week.

Is Garrett's extension a reward for this year's change, or a representation of Jerry Jones' desire to have a trainer on staff who is willing to accept what the owner wants? Two of the main factors in the Cowboys' improvement this year were the Amari Cooper trade and the dismissal of offensive line coach Paul Alexander. The way Jones talked about those movements made it obvious that he had a significant influence on them:

"[The Cowboys] They are more urgent because we dig a hole here. We have to be pretty strong in our success here. We do not have time. We do not have space to move here. That says a lot about the things we've done in the past two weeks, the bringing in of Cooper and the changes we've made in the offensive line. "


"We have a high level," Jones said. "When we look at the strength of our team, we see it as the offensive line. You are in the place when you are playing and training in that area. That is an area in which we want to be a symbol of what the team is about. After seven games, we were not doing the job to the standard. We felt that we needed new voices. That was the way to give up the best opportunity to go in the direction we want to go. "

Garrett, in his characteristic style, was much more silent about Alexander's dismissal, he simply said "We're always trying to improve." If the Cowboys' idea of ​​improving means keeping Garrett longer, Jones must have a curious definition of "better."

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