Jason Garrett says he doesn’t have advice for Joe Judge

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New York Giants offensive coordinator Jason Garrett will play his first game with the head coach Joe Judge on Monday night against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Garrett is coming off 10 seasons as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, while the judge is getting his first opportunity as head coach after 15 years as an assistant at the college and assistant levels. Garrett was asked on Thursday if he had any advice for the judge as he prepares for the helm in his first season.

“In terms of advice, I have no advice to give,” Garrett said in quotes distributed by the team. He said, “It has been fun working for them and an attempt has been made to understand how we want to build this team, and then doing it together. I have really enjoyed every minute of it. ”

Garrett’s answer seems a bit strange. If you take it at face value that he has not given any advice to the judge about being the head coach, then why not? After a decade on the job in Dallas he would certainly have some knowledge to provide someone new for the job. Being the head coach meant handling many more areas of the building than the team on the field and Garrett would certainly be in a few presentation anecdotes after a decade with the Cowboys.

Perhaps Garrett just did not want to share any of the advice shared with the judge with the public. Or he just wants to settle into his role as offensive coordinator and not oversee the new head coach with whom he is coaching.

Garrett said that he and the judge have talked extensively about the vision they see for the crime and make sure they are pulling in the same direction.

“It’s great to know him,” Garrett said. “Again, the vision of the program, the vision for the football team is going back, just understanding what is there, interacting with him about it and what we value together as a coaching staff and a As a football team, it was really important. He did a great job for all of us and to get everyone on the same page. Alignment within an organization is important. Everyone is getting everyone on the same page through organization, personnel, coaching staff, players, staff people all on the same page of ownership. This is such a great piece of success. We talked a lot about that. I learned a lot about that from Joe. We tried to craft to help build our program and our football team. ”

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