Jared Kushner said in April that Trump was taking the country ‘back from the doctors’.

In a tapped interview on April 18, Kushner told veteran journalist Bob Woodward that Trump was “withdrawing the country from doctors” in what he called “settlement negotiations”. Kushner also announced that the US was moving rapidly through the “panic phase” and the “pain phase” of the epidemic and that the country was in the “beginning of the withdrawal phase”.

“That doesn’t mean there’s still not a lot of pain and there won’t be pain for a while, but it was basically, we’ve made rules to get back to work now,” Kushner said. “Trump is back in charge now. It’s not the doctors.”

The statement reflected a political strategy. Instead of following the advice of health experts, Trump and Kushner focused on what would help the president on election day. By his calculations, Trump will be “open-up president”.

CNN has obtained audio of two separate interviews with Kushner, which were conducted in April and May as part of Woodward’s reporting for his book “Rage”. In a detailed conversation, Kushner described the president’s relationship with his public health advisors in adverse circumstances.

Kushner was also dismissive of the party’s politics, calling the Republican Party, “a collection of a group of tribes”, and calling the GOP platform “basically a document to urinate people, viz.” Kushner told Woodward that Trump had made a “complete hostile takeover” of the Republican Party when he became its presidential candidate.

He also told Woodward, “The most dangerous people around the president are over-confident idiots” and Trump had replaced him with “more thoughtful people who know his place.”

Kushner’s remarks about the administration’s handling of the epidemic underscored the extent to which Trump and Kushner mitigated the public health crisis, as it exploded last spring.

At the time, positive cases in the US routinely decreased to about 30,000 per day. On April 15, three days before Kushner’s interview, deaths from Kovid-19 reached their all-time peak of more than 2,600 per day. And hospitalization for the virus was at its first peak, reaching nearly 60,000 for several days in April. During this period, New York is still in awe of the virus, and the fatal surge had not yet come across the South and Midwest.

When asked about CNN’s reporting on Wednesday night by CNBC, the nation’s top infectious disease specialist and member of the White House Coronovirus Task Force, Dr. Anthony Fauci said – It was clear that the “axis” was carefully pointed away. On public health.

“I don’t know exactly the time, but it was clear that a few months ago there was a pivot away from full focus on public health issues, which was considering opening up the country in relation to the economy,” Fauci said.

Kushner’s comments show what many health experts say about the administration’s flawed approach to the epidemic – due to reopening the country and pushing medical professionals ahead of time that caused waves of new infections during the summer Bane and cases were reported this fall.

“It was almost like Trump is getting the country back from the doctors. Right?” Kushner told Woodward on April 18. “In the sense that what he was doing now, you know, he owns the open-up.”

Kushner’s comments from six months ago are particularly damaging because the US is a major cause of infection breaking records again. The US added 73,240 new cases on Tuesday and recorded a record peak of over 83,000 cases on Friday.

Cases have increased with an increase in deaths from coronovirus.

This month, 11 states reported the highest day of their new death since the epidemic. And although researchers are racing toward a vaccine, it will be a month before it is expected to become widely available, and health experts warn that in the meantime the public needs to take the virus seriously.

CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Jonathan Rayner said on Tuesday, “If we continue our current behavior, by the time we start going down the other side of the curve, one and a half million people will die.”

Beginning in October, 29 US states have reported at least a record-high day of new cases, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Being a ‘cheerleader’ for the economy

Kushner also described Woodward’s political calculations for president – instead of coming up with a federal plan to tackle the virus, Trump put that responsibility on the governors. In his April 18 interview, Kushner described how he believed Trump had set himself up to take advantage of a successful control of the virus, not to state governors and presidents, to ensure that the spread Will be blamed for any failure to stop.

“States have the right to trial,” Kushner said. “The federal government shouldn’t own the test. And the federal government shouldn’t own any kind of rules. It’s up to the governors, because that’s the way the federal system works.”

He said: “But the president is also very smart politically, because he had a fight with the governors to basically say no, no, no, no, I own the inauguration. Because again, the inauguration is very much Wala is. Popular. People want to open this country. But if it opens the wrong way, the question will be whether the governors follow the guidelines we set? ”

In a second interview with Woodward on May 8, Kushner insisted that one of Trump’s actions to boost the economy was to be “hailing”. Kushner referred to this as caring for the “psychology of the market”.

Kushner Woodward said, “So if you basically say it’s coming in the fall, don’t tighten up, people won’t come again, people will be unemployed.” “And if you are planning for the worst case scenario, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. One of the great things a president does is that he is a cheerleader. He makes people feel good about the outcome. Is trying. ”

The president himself endorsed Kushner for “Rage,” according to another audio clip from Woodward “received by CNG”, calling it “a smart cookie.”

Trump told Woodward on February 19, “I asked Jared to talk to you, and I believe Trump told Woodward. Trump said he told Kushner to coordinate with others in the administration” so that Bob could talk to anyone. – Very capable boy, Jared. You people cannot get like this. ”

Worker and ‘very stupid person’

While speaking with Woodward, Kushner also expressed contempt for the Republican Party and praised his father-in-law’s rebellious takeover of the GOP.

“I say that he had basically made a complete hostile takeover of the Republican Party,” he said on 18 April. “And I don’t think it’s as much about the issues. I think it’s about the approach.”

Calling political parties a “collection of tribes”, Kushner sacked GOP activists, who help the party’s policy ideas and aspirations be out of touch with regular voters.

Kushner said, “You know that as parties grow, they are more specific than being inclusive.” “And so, you know, you’re looking at, like, the platform of the Republican Party, it’s a document that people like basically, because it’s done by activists.”

Months later, during its national convention, the Republican Party refused to update its platform and instead chose to read the 2016 platform.

Kushner’s disdain also extended to administration officials and advisers who had disappointed the president earlier in his tenure – calling Kushner a “highly confident idiot”.

“We got rid of too many idiots,” he told Woodward. “And now they’ve got a lot more thoughtful people who know their place and know what to do.”

In “Rage,” Woodward writes that he believed that Kushner was referring to former cabinet members and advisors James Mattis, Rex Tillerson and Gary Cohan. In a September interview on NBC’s “Today” show, Kushner claimed Woodward “unfairly” and denied that he called those three people “over-silly”.


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