Jared Kushner noted historical peace deals in the Middle East: ‘You think anything is possible’

Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner celebrated Israel’s new agreement with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain after a signing ceremony at the White House on Tuesday, telling Fox News that the deals offered by President Trump “make you realize that Anything we can have is courage and vision and determination to move forward. “

“You look at the deal, which again, is really a watershed moment and was just a part of me personally and I had a very emotional day here in the White House, you know, something that happens, somebody Wouldn’t have even thought., “Kushner said” The Story. “

Trump was joined on Tuesday by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan and Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalif to sign the Abraham Accord, the president calling “dawn As some said. Of a new Middle East. ”

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Kushner said the deal was a result of Trump’s unique approach to diplomacy in the region and pointed to steps taken by the administration that help establish trust up to the moment.

“We studied everything that was tried and that failed.” [Trump] Kushner said, “Let’s try to do it differently.”

“Instead of trying to make the Israeli Palestinian conflict and everything a panacea, the steps we needed to take to show it were genuine honesty but we showed that the Palestinian leadership is not interested in a peace deal. This time And we showed that Israel was.

“That, along with efforts to bring everyone together, allowed us to create these historic successes.”

In the end, Kushner said, countries in the Middle East really only want what is a promising future.

“People in the Middle East are now seeing that they do not want their futures to be back after the struggles of the past.” “People want to pursue shared opportunities. They want to do a better job. They want to do business together. They want to explore each other’s countries and get to know each other, and President Trump wants people to Were able to take an unconventional approach to get together. ”

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Kushner addressed his critics who incorrectly predicted that Trump’s unconventional diplomatic approach would contribute to instability in the region.

“These people are saying that ‘if President Trump is elected, he will start the Third World War.” What we saw today [was] Instead of the Third World War, he achieved the first success in Middle East peace in the last 26 years, ”insisted Kushner.

“His method did not work. And so President Trump adopted a different approach but he achieved a different result by doing it in a more productive way.”

When asked about the possibility of reaching a peace deal with Iran, Kushner said: “All these leaders are getting together to sign a peace deal … It makes you realize that anything is possible . ”

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“So,” he continued, “the hope that we have is that Iran will stop its opposition to progress … They should modernize their society. Giving more rights and freedom to their citizens and to their generation Helping create a bright future. And we can help them do that. “