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Jared Kushner calls peace in the Middle East “achievable” as the simulators of Jerusalem debate


Advisers have said that Mr. Trump was ready to sign another exemption that delays the move for another six months, but that would balance that in a speech on Wednesday recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. While the reaction has been mixed, some Arab and Palestinian leaders have warned that such a declaration could kill Mr. Trump's peace initiative.

In his appearance at the Saban Forum, Mr. Kushner did not want to preview Mr. Trump's announcement. "The president is going to make his decision," he said. "He is still seeing many different facts."

While Trump has presented himself as Israel's staunchest supporter to occupy the White House, Mr. Kushner insisted that the president had also earned the trust of the Palestinians and the Arabs. . Citing last year's annoying election, Kushner said his father-in-law had demonstrated an ability to achieve the unlikely. "The president has a very long career to achieve things that many people say were impossible," he said. "We believe it is possible."

Mr. Kushner's presentation came two days after Michael T. Flynn, the president's former national security adviser, pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about his contacts with the Russian ambbadador during the post-election transition. Court documents indicated that a senior transitional officer who had been identified as Mr. Kushner directed him to speak with the ambbadador.

Mr. Kushner was not asked about his role during the question and answer session led by Haim Saban, the Israeli entertainment magnate and prominent contributor to the Democratic campaign that sponsors the event. But Saban said judicial documents cited Mr. Kushner's role during the presidential transition in lobbying against a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, contradicting President Barack Obama's position while still I was in power. 19659006] "As far as I know, nothing illegal there, but I think this crowd and I want to thank you for making that effort," Saban said. "So thank you very much."

Mr. Kushner nodded gratefully but had nothing more to say about the matter.

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