Jared Goff-Sean McVay’s relationship needs ‘marriage counseling’

The Rams opened their way to the divisional round on Saturday to prevent the Packers from a double-digit loss, setting Los Angeles up for an interesting progeny at the game’s most important place.

He managed to return from timely thumb surgery to enter the game in an emergency and help the Ramas achieve a wild-card win over Seattle. But Goff was not able to keep Ram in an aggressive performance with the Packers, who ran away with a 32–18 victory. Goff finished the season with a substantial body of work, posting a final passing line of 3,952 passing yards, 20 touchdowns, 13 interceptions, a complete percentage of 67 and a 90 passer rating.

Goff was just as effective as he was inconsistent, showing a tendency to start the game that Ram won on a hot streak, and also start other competitions in the NFL with typical struggles of his worst days. Ram simply did not know on what basis they would meet, leaving an open path for McVay to keep a close eye on all positions for the future of his team – including the center.

McVay told reporters on Saturday that Goff was “the quarterback right now,” which was not really the most prolific endorsement, and then on Sunday he would not explicitly state that Goff is the QB going forward in LA NFL Network’s Steve Saik . Inconsistent performance in playing with the quarterback position for Ram.

“We know that John Wolford came and they were excited about him when Jared Goff got hurt and the way he performed, and then he got hurt,” said Witch. “So I think a lot of people are wondering if they are going to bring Jared Goff to a type of quarterback to pursue this offseason. Or at least look at that threat as a backup Whether they can elevate Goff.

“The people I’ve basically spoken to at the moment about the relationship with Goff and McVay are not great. They need marriage counseling that one person said to me. I think it’s something that They are going to be able to work. Through, but there’s some healing happening and it’s not just Jared Goff’s injured thumb. “

McVay’s ambiguous reactions to Saturday’s result indicate that there was an inherent uncertainty about Goff’s standing that was beyond his inconsistent play. He credits Goff for his effort in helping Rama win the playoff game, but noted that he needed to meet Goff to develop a shared understanding as an important savvy man.

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