Japan’s Tokyo Stock Exchange halts business due to technical glitch

The exchange said in a statement that the problem was related to the distribution of market information, although it was not detailed. The issue affects smaller Japanese stock exchanges in Nagoya, Fukuoka and Sapporo.

It is not clear when the exchange will be operational. By noon, the exchange said the suspension would last a full day.

The problems led to the closure of one of the only major exchanges in Asia on Thursday. Other countries are celebrating public holidays, including mainland China, Hong Kong and South Korea. Markets in mainland China will be closed for several days for the Golden Week holiday.

Elsewhere, markets were high. Australia’s S & P / ASX 200 rose 1.5%. US Stock Futures Advanced: The Dow (Andu) Got stuck 170 points, or 0.6%. S&P 500 (SPX) And Nasdaq (Comp) Futures were up 0.5%.

September was not rosy for the market. Wall Street’s leading indices all record losses, breaking the five-month winning streak and declining in the first month after March.

For the quarter overall, things were slightly better: all three indices ended higher, making it the second straight quarter the stock rose sharply during the first three months of the year.

– Yoko Wakatsuki, Jazmin Goodwin and Aneken Tepe contributed to this report.


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