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The factor of the Sagamihara election 4 major campuses to the administration of town etc today

The cult of Sagamihara was named on the 24th and none of the former members of the former Kentna Motomura (48) councilor Yuichiro Miyazaki (52) 4 elections were chosen. Toshio Kayama (74) aijiro Yagi (a former councilor) was elected. The first person in a row was the newcomer and the new one, and a total of four are running. Assessment points will contribute to the administration of urban administration that has continued for 12 years in the third term, there are returned land use measures in the military bases, and a city development using the new station is in Chuo Linear. Shinkansen the controversial points. Mr. Motomura opposes the major development as the reinstatement of the city government office building being considered in the Sagami General Provision Center before JR Sagamihara's Station, and draws strongly on the requirement to reconsider plan. Mr Miyazaki, former town of Tsukui 4 in Midori Ward, will create a “Tsukui ward”, create a new ward, lay out the site improvement plan for the Sagami Resupply team, and lobby for a 50% cut in bailiff duty. Mr Kayama strongly encourages the administration of administration administration, to negotiate when the Sagami General Solomon Group returns and to develop part of the land as an example of the results of a third term. Mr Yagi showed the adverse effects of the many elections, stating, "It is a poor administration, and is a municipal administration that is neglecting civic communication." It introduces multi-election ban, the establishment of urban secondary schools, and the creation of jobs for disabled people. Professor Hiroyuki Nomoto (57), a professor of time for his long-term career, had called back his 15th anniversary. The ballot is April 7th. March 23, the list of registrants was 600,176 (30,103 men, 29 women, … t

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