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Secretary General, Ms. Sue Yoshi in a case study; contract "Work correctly in collaboration with related companies" Sankei News

Secretary General, Shugo Suisho, said at a news conference on November 11 that the South Korean Court ordered Japanese companies to be in a position; compensatory for doing wrong as the name of a & # 39; We will work closely with related companies and respond appropriately according to a sustainable situation as a Japanese government. "The complaints proceed with a foreclosure of property from Japanese companies over a casework case. The Japanese government has been causing such terrorist movements to Europe and urged the European government to respond to the negotiations under the Japan Japan Trade Agreement Agreement in 1965 (Showa 40). Mr Kan stressed him, "I think that a & # 39; Consider consultation with a natural loyalty. "Then we would like to say that we will not give an idea (because we will clarify our hands on concrete content of what you will do, how long, etc. To a list Political articles Associated articles Yuki Kan Secretary-General to Temporary Cabinet Yutaka Suga in a lawsuit to commemorate a commemoration service "We respond appropriately in collaboration with companies with attached to "Prime Minister" Lessons learned from sacrifice "We give to a great earthquake A Full Determination of the Generation of the Genealogy of the Genealogy Creating a Meeting The Government for the Recommendation of Experts The Foreign Minister is publicly publicized in June's basic Policy and military development management AI

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