Said Korean chief, the Prime Minister or the Emperor, “If you accept an apology, this meant that the problem would be solved”.

A Parliamentary Chairperson, the Prime Minister, or an Emperor of the Emperor, "It was intended that the problem would be resolved if you are sorry to say"

The House of Representatives in Korea asked for Moon Hee-san, in an interview with a Korean newspaper on 27th, to give an apology on the subject of Her Majesty's Majesty Her Majesty's death in February. -year. The symbolic king's ambassador (Den emperor) said that it meant that the problem would be standardized. "The Japanese government asks for an apology and to withdraw from Mr Bung's February views, and General Cabinet Secretary Yoo Yoshihiro strong at the press conference on the 27th, saying "It is unacceptable and willing to be giving the opinion. "I felt uncomfortable. Mr Bung said in February that he said" crimes of war and crimes of the human race had not been established. The German is still making a dowry. There is some bad praise here. "I hated, the Japanese government says sadly on the 27th, and the point which apologizes from the Emperor that is not involved in politics is also unacceptable. The case is comfortable women finally settling and invalid in the Japanese-Korean agreement. They complained about the government of ROK on the diplomatic route, and asked Mr Bung again to apologize and withdraw. Mr Mun's voice was also voiced at an LDP diplomatic conference held on the 27th. After the meeting, journalists Yoshitaka Shindo, the chair of the country's special area, told journalists, "I'm just going through middling. At the meeting, officials had serious problems with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. T the meeting attended, saying “Korea's Korean trends are on-going in a row, in relation to Korea's relations in the diplomatic blue paper to be published in April, due to problems with previous contractual building. "… and write …

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