Asano Atsuko sore illness and exhaustion etc.. Complaints investigation after "stop" consultation (everyday sports) -Yahoo!

  1. Asano Atsuko unhealthy, rest, tired, etc. Complaints investigation Following a consultation “Doctor Stop” (Everyday Sport) Yahoo!
  2. Asano Atsuko is good and falls from the Sankei News "Galactic 999" Railway
  3. Atsuko Asano, who plays part “promachyum“ Galactic Railway 999 ”, falls, with Yuuki Matsushita (with comment)
  4. Asano Atsuko "ignore and concentrate on manipulation office" currently explaining the state and apology (Orikon) of Yahoo! With music and news
  5. Asano Atsuko falls from the platform, and the “Galaxy Railway 999” is replaced by Yuuki Matsushita Sankei.
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