Japan plans a manned mission to the Moon in collaboration with NASA


Japan is planning an exploratory manned mission to the Moon by joining NASA on a mission to reach the lunar surface.

The Japanese space agency (Jaxa) hopes to forge an alliance with the Americans to build a spaceport near the Moon in the second half of the 2020s. From the space station, the plan is to send Japanese astronauts to the Moon to explore it, reports The Japan News (TJN), citing sources close to the government.

The government should send a draft project report to a panel of experts.

Japan is said to be interested in baderting its leadership in the field of space utilization, and by joining an international investigation to the Moon, the country could carry out scientific experiments and at the same time boost its competitiveness in the space industry. . Japan already has a series of agreements to carry out experiments on board the ISS until 2024.

The "Deep Space Gateway" project that was announced in September this year saw Nasa and Roscosmos (the Russian space agency) join to build a base orbiting the moon According to reports, Japan now wants to join this project that will act as refueling and fuel station in the vicinity of the Moon. The base will also serve as a habitat for deep space explorers, allowing the Moon to be easily explored.

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Nasa will begin sending construction materials to the area, to begin the badembly of the base, beginning in 2020. TJN notes that it will be in the best interest of Japan to join the US Providing its technological expertise to the project, specifically in the coupling of spacecraft to the station.In addition, collaboration will reduce costs.

Reports and proposals on future space exploration will be sent to the Japan National Space Policy Committee, after which a basic plan on space policy in mid-December, which will include the necessary technology for lunar exploration.

Jaxa recently discovered a 50 km long cave system on the Moon and He stated that "it could be the best candidate site for future lunar bases, due to its stable thermal conditions".

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