Jamila Jamil wants influential people to stop promoting Keto diet – Celebrity

Are you looking for a fast-track solution to reduce that extra weight? Are you considering a heavily social media-promoted keto diet to achieve your diet goals? Actor and activist Jamila Jamil is going to tell you here why the idea is so bad…

In the message, Jamil said, “Celebrities and influencers. Please stop giving keto diet (on) to those who do not need to follow diet for medical reasons.” “It can cause all kinds of disturbances to people’s bodies, (including their vital organs), and they don’t have the same access to healthcare that you do.”

She also said that ‘before-after’ to indicate hypocrisy in the pictures, stating that the latter is the result of excessive editing.

“Stop with the first (often bull ***) and after (especially those where ‘after’ your trousers are more / your bra is more supportive / your hair and makeup is done / you’re smiling / light Arranging) is preferable (you are using airbrushing) especially for women during predator times around their weight. ”

Addressing the public, he debunked the myths related to the keto diet in general.

“Anyone looking at these posts about keto and 2-week weight loss, it’s water weight, not actual fat loss, and take it from someone who did every diet under the sun , The weight comes back thicker and faster and then something as soon as you reintroduced the carbs, ”she reported.

“Most humans need carbs,” Nice place The actor said, before asking fans to “stay away” from the fad diet. “If you really want to change your body, please do it for the right reasons, in the right way, slowly, not guided by some new-found thin-fluecers and their fast weight loss gurus / hunters. “

He also included several screenshots revealing direct messages from fans who shared their horror stories following the diet.

After the removal of the gallbladder from pancreatitis and imbalance of the brain level, all should be given a pause after the effect shared by people.

“Don’t take my word for it. You can read every medical journal article you can find on it. Know its history, and if you fit that history, if you need it, I think That it could be extraordinary for something serious. Health issues, “Jamila added.

“But if not … you are unnecessarily creating health issues because our world not only focuses on weight loss, but how fast we can do it. It is not sustainable and it fails. Is designed so that you stay on the diet Mira- go on forever, ”she said.

Encouraging a healthy relationship with nutrition that does not involve the duality of good and evil, the star hoped her fans would be grateful for the food on their table. A much needed reminder for all of us.

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