Jamie Lynn Spears blames Elon Musk and Tesla for killing her cats

The Britney Spears actress, singer, and sister have since stated in a deleted Instagram video that their cats were run over by a Tesla they never visited. Teslas, like other electric cars, are more quiet than vehicles with gas-powered engines.
“We are lost now – I don’t want to tell you how many cats are there – because they don’t listen Tesla ()TSLA) Cranks and unfortunate things happen and it is truly devastating and tragic for everyone involved, ”she has protected the video according to several news reports in her Instagram post.

“Elon Musk, let’s find out,” he said. “You give me one or two cats.”

Spears recommended that Teslas emit noises that disturb animals so that they move out of the way. She suggested that this update would ensure that animals were not “caught off guard and things ended tragically.”

As it turns out – Teslas and other electric cars are required to do so by September 2020. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration now requires electric cars to emit at least 43 decibels when they are traveling at low speeds. 18.6 mph. This is about the noise level of your dishwasher.
“This standard will help ensure that blind, blind and other pedestrians are able to detect and identify nearby hybrid and electric vehicles,” the NHTSA said in its order.
Europe has similar requirements: by July 2019, all new models of electric and hybrid vehicles developed and sold in the European Union must be equipped with an acoustic sound system.

Spears later retracted her initial post in another Instagram post – which she also deleted. She said she “did not walk over any of the cats” and that Tesla “is not to be blamed,” several news outlets reported. The actress also clarified that “user mistake is included.”

Tesla did not immediately respond to CNN Business’s request for comment.


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