James Harden reportedly asked for Rocket of the Days, Fly to Vegas to Party | Bleacher report

Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press

Houston Rockets guard James Harden is a legitimate superstar in the NBA, and like many of the league’s top players, he has reportedly received some preferential treatment from his team over the years.

According to ESPN’s Tim McMahon, sources close to the team said that Hardik is often allowed to take a day off if there are two or three days between games. In those instances, Harden is known to charter a private jet to Las Vegas and other cities to party.

Allegedly Hardik too Absence from first practice after every All-Star break So he can also party.

A former Rocket employee described the situation to McMahon “James can do whatever he wants.”

In addition to the aforementioned perks, Harden’s affinity for Los Angeles, Phoenix and other cities reportedly would often result in rockets overnight or an extra day during road trips to cities when it was not. Front end of back-to-back set.

Some in the franchise currently describe Harden’s idea of ​​partying as “just being James,” according to McMahon.

In some ways, the Rockets giving Harden’s wishes over the years are understandable as he has been an elite player in the NBA during his eight years with the franchise.

Harden is an eight-time All-Star, has won an NBA scoring title in each of the past three seasons, each with more than 30 points per game, and has also won an NBA MVP award in Houston.

Although the Rockets have been unable to make it past the Western Conference Finals, they are a perennial playoff team that always appears in the mix.

Now, things are changing in Houston, as Harden reportedly wants.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojrowski Last month’s report stated that Harden turned down a contract extension offer from Rocket, which would have paid him $ 50 million per year. The star reportedly requested a trade for the Brooklyn Nets, so that he could play alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Since then, Harden has indicated that he would be open to a trade for the Philadelphia 76ers or other contenders, as well Wojnarowski and McMahon.

The Rockets are yet to honor his request, as Harden has at least two years left on his contract, and the guard has reported to the team.

As things currently stand, the Rockets are set to start the 2020-21 season next week with Harden still on the roster, but even after all the agreements the organization has made over the years, his tenure with the team lends time. But it can happen.

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