James Harden injury: Nets go out indefinitely

Brooklyn Nets star James Harden will be out indefinitely after suffering a setback on Monday in his recovery from a hamstring injury, the team said Tuesday.

Harden, who until recently rarely lost time due to injury, has missed the last six games due to strained right leg muscle due to an injury sustained during the Nets’ win over former Houston team. March 31st.

Harden returned to the court on April 5, but lasted only four minutes in the Nets’ win over the Knicks, and has been out ever since.

MRI scans showed a grade 1 hamstring injury, and Harden was about to return before Tuesday’s update.

“He just felt it. He didn’t, he didn’t fall or trip or anything out of the ordinary. He just felt something maybe in the stadium of tension, “said Brooklyn head coach Steve Nash. “So just one setback and then the scan revealed that he did suffer a setback. So there is not much more than a simple disappointment and we have to rebuild and get it going again. “

The Nets couldn’t guarantee that Harden would be back before the start of the playoffs, which begin in the middle of next month. He’s averaging 25.4 points, 11 assists and 8.7 rebounds since the trade.


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