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James Harden extends a 30-point streak to 30 games despite the shoulder

Houston Rockets guard James Harden overcame a balky shoulder to prolong his run of scoring at least 30 points in 30 games Monday night in a 120-104 victory over the Dallas Mavericks.

Harden, who only had 11 points in the middle, hit a triple with 52.9 seconds left and the Rockets led by 14. He finished with 31 points in 9 of 23 shots in 36 minutes.

Harden said his shoulder was annoying, but he was eager to support him during this week's All-Star break.

"It's been a little bit the same," Harden said. "It's going to be that way, we have one more game before halftime, so hopefully I'll rest it, rehabilitate myself, treat myself and strengthen myself."

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It was the fourth time that Harden scored 10 points in the last three minutes of regulation, the most in the NBA this season. Each one has happened since January 19. The last time Harden did not score at least 30 was on December 11 against the Trail Blazers, when he was 29.

"I could not get the lift I normally get for my shot," Harden said. "Simply happy we won the game."

Rockets coach Mike D & # 39; Antoni said he thought the streak was over.

"To be honest with you, two minutes from the end, you have 20 points," said D & # 39; Antoni. "I'm going, another one begins." I did not think, there's no way, but it's incredible, I think it bothered her shoulder, she did not have a great game. "

Harden is now in a 30-point game to tie Wilt Chamberlain for the second streak of 30 points in NBA history. He is also 36 games away from tying Chamberlain for the longest streak.

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