James Harden breaks silence on trade rumors with an Instagram post

James Harden finally broke his silence with a secret Instagram post amid all the net trade rumors surrounding his name. The Houston Rockets superstars are the main focus of everyone in the NBA on Monday. He reportedly asked to be traded out of Clutch City after eight ring-less seasons. Still, it seems that Hearty is responding to speculation with a hard-to-find posts on social media.

On his recent IG story, a three-time scoring shampoo was seen opening a bottle of BodyArmor, and interestingly, the bottle cap was chosen to focus on. The term ‘cap’ has been used as another way to refer to something as a lie.

With NBA free agency officially opening its doors today, gossip around the Rockets has been heightened; Many celebrities want to move out of H-Town. Of course, Harden has been the biggest name by media outlets as he was likely to move to the Brooklyn Nets to make a supertime with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. But, if our “insta-vestation” is accurate, then it appears that all these sources are not telling the absolute truth.

The 31-year-old has been one of the biggest Rocket superstars in recent franchise history and the organization has made it clear that they are eager to do whatever necessary talents are needed to surround Harden. He has thrown capable veterans like Dwight Howard and Clint Capella to help in the frontcourt and even tried to pair up elite guards like Chris Paul.

Recently, the Rockets acquired their former teammate at Russell Westbrook, but unfortunately, their MVP tandem could not produce silverware.

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