Jamal Adams says he is excited to be with the Seahawks, plans to retire with franchise

Jamal Adams was surrounded by uncertainty last weekend, not knowing which team he was about to report to with the NFL’s training camps. After months of controversy with the New York Jets over speculation about his contracts and potential trades, his family could see the tension on his face.

On Friday morning after a long day, he slept the next morning and woke up five missed calls from his agent, who was trying to inform him that a job sending him to the Seattle Seahawk was in the works.

The NFL Offsen’s blockbuster trade was finalized a few hours later.

“When I got a call, honestly, I broke down into tears of joy,” Adams said Thursday. “A lot of mixed feelings. I’m gonna miss a lot of people. But at the end of the day, man, this was my call. This was where I needed to be.”

If it wasn’t clear on Saturday, when the All-Pro safety rounded up a victory on Twitter and danced with a cigar in his mouth on Instagram Live, it was at his introductory video conference: Adams excited to be a Seahawk Huh. He stated several times in his first comment to media members in the Seattle area.

The Seahawks inherited the final two years of Adams’ rookie contract, and due to the massive amount of draft picks they have left him in achieving that they want beyond that, sources have told ESPN that they will give him Do not plan to give an extension in 2020.

Adams, 24, initially disregarded a question about his future, then said he could see himself in “Seattle” for a long time.

“The plan is to retire here,” he said. “That’s my plan. But obviously, those things handle themselves. When all you have to do is go on the field and perform, do the right things on and off the field and take care of those things. So I So excited to be here. I know the rest of the guys are excited for me, and the coaching staff, and everyone else. So again, man, we’ll worry about that when the time comes. “

Adams cited a first-class organization of the Seahawks, saying that for this reason they included him on their list of seven desirable business destinations when they asked him to stay out of New York last month. He called it surreal to play in Seattle as a “veteran coach” and with “Hall of Famers” like Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner.

The price of receiving him included a first-round pickup in each of the next two drafts and a 2021 third-rounder and starting safety Bradley McDougall. Seattle received the Jets’ 2022 fourth round pick in a trade with Adams. According to ESPN Stats and Information, this was the fourth trade since 2018 that included multiple first-round picks for a player. Others were on the sidelines to tackle Khalil Mack, cornerback Jaalen Ramsay and Larry Tuncil. This had not happened before since 2009, with quarterback Jay Cutler.

Asked about the notion that Seattle gave up too much for a box safety, Adams said that anyone familiar with his game knows that he does more than just play in the box.

Adams joins a Seahawk defense that is one of its worst conditions since the arrival of coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider in 2010. It continued to fall on that side of the ball since the day of the leg of boom. Adams expressed indifference to his predecessors in Seattle’s secondary – the lesser chancellor, Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman – and said he planned to reach the chancellor.

The Seahawks feel that Adams’ alpha personality will save some off the edge, having lost their defense since the LOB days.

Captain Adams of a team with the Jets said “a lot of fun and juice, man, a lot of energy.” “I’m a funny guy. But when it comes down to the ball, we’re talking to the ball, and we get into business.”

Adams already has relationships with some of his new peers. He knows Wagner from his time together at the Pro Bowl and a Jordan Brand trip to Monaco, where he spoke of making the team one day. Adams called it a “cheat code” to tie the two all-processes together and Wagner told him that opposing lineback-related offenses would divert his attention.

Adams goes back further with Kundre Diggs, who hosted him on his college trip to Texas. Both were in communication as the business was in its final stages, both hoping it would pass. Adams described Diggs as being “like a brother to me” and said that they are already talking about the X and OS and their responsibilities as an early guard in Carroll’s defense.

A few more await Adams: playing at Centurylink Field. He said that he produced a video of Seahawk home games to make the crowd feel noisy, acknowledging the uncertainty of whether fans would be allowed this season due to the coronova epidemic.

Adams was conformable when asked about critical comments made about the Jets shortly before the trade. Among them was his question on the leadership of coach Adam Gacy.

“I’m focused on being a Seattle Seahawk,” he said. “I really, I’m at peace with it. We have to move forward, and that’s part of the business. A lot of people and coaches reach out, and they said they’re gonna miss me and they love me. ” , And the same is back. I’m pulling over there for those, I really am. There is no hatred towards anyone in my heart. [GM Joe Douglas] For Adam Gesse, it doesn’t matter, I really wish him to be good. And like I said, man, I’m excited to be a Seattle Seahawk. “

The Jets running Lettivon Bell shot back with some favorite words for Adams when the trade went down. Asked by SportsCenter on Thursday about Bell’s comments, Adams laughingly looked forward to the Seahawks’ scheduled home game against the Jets in Week 14, as he did in his opening Twitter reply.

“It’s nothing but love for Le’Van,” Adcam said on SportsCenter. “I really wish her well. Everyone has an opinion about certain things; that’s just the nature of the animal. I had to do what was right for my family and I and hey, man, No love lost to anyone over there. Like I said, man, because of COVID and what we’re doing with the epidemic, hopefully we can make it in week 14, ‘If we do, this one Gonna be a good man, I’ll just put it. Like him. “


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