Jake Gyllenhaal and Dennis Villenueve Remake on HBO – Deadline ‘The Son’

to break: HBO has ordered a series for an adaptation of the novel Joe Nesbo son Star on board with Jake Gyllenhaal and for him The prisoners Director Dennis Villanueve on board to direct. Gyllenhaal and Villeneuve will also produce a limited series with their partner Riva Marker with Gyllenhaal Productions through the banner of their Nine Stories. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy of Kilter Films will join Kilter Films with Athena Wickham as exec producer. Nolan and Joey will work alongside Lenore Sion, who is also an executive producer.

Series # 1 is based on a New York Times bestselling novel described as a set of vengeance amid Oslo’s ruthless hierarchy of corruption. The story follows Sunny Lofthus, an escaped criminal: an opioid addict, who cannot remember his past, moves from the law towards an unknown truth.

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son The first book was selected by Nine Stories in 2016 as part of its term deal with Bold Films. Sylvie Rabinue, while she was still an RWSG Literary Agency, gave the book to Marker, and she and Gyllenhaal stepped in quickly to get the rights, recognizing the character of Nesbo as Sony Lophthus for a franchise like Bonnie or The Fugitive.

“Jonah and Lisa are a formidable creative force and we are excited to collaborate with them again with the fabulous Lenore to adapt Joseb’s novel,” said Orsi. “Dennis is a master at weaving exquisite and unique narratives, Jake is a talented actor and producer whose work often explores the stimulating and compelling terrain, and of course, he and Dennis have collaborated brilliantly in the past. We are excited to see how this powerhouse team deals with this extraordinary work. ”

Sources reveal that after the success of the crime thriller Deadline has been trying for years to find its next project. The prisoners, Gyllenhaal saw it as the perfect opportunity to remake. He gave the book to Villanueve, who read it overnight. Gyllenhaal and Marker were on the set of the film strong When Villanueve emphatically said yes.

After attempting to mold the book as a feature film, the duo thought it would be better for a limited series format given how much of the story is needed to cover the novel. Marker contacted Joanna Nolan, who was on board with Kilter Films immediately after reading. After the success of Kilter Films at HBO with its series Done by Finishing his third season, Nolan executed the idea of ​​turning this lucrative package into a series.

Bold Films’ David Litvak, Gary Michael Walters, Michelle Litvak and Svetlana Metkina are also executive producers along with Josebo and Nickelos Salomonson. Warner Bros. will collaborate with Television to produce Nine Story Productions, Kilter Films and Bold Films.

Zielenhal recently announced that he will re-team with director Antoine Fukka and Star Criminal For Netflix, which will also feature nine stories. Gyllenhaal and Nine Stories are remade by WME.

Much-awaited rejection of villain Dune The Timothee Chalamet starrer was recently moved to bend next October. He is retaken by the CAA.

Kilter Films’ Done by Recently was selected for the fourth season at HBO. Joey, Nolan and Kilter have been reworked by WME.

Zion co-produced the upcoming Netflix series Brand new cherry flavor.

Nesbo has been retaken by Salomonsson Agency, WME and Keith Fleer.

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