Jair Bolsonaro Mystas Kovid Vaccines and Brazil Is Falling Behind

Welcome to Jai Bolsonaro supporters in Rio de Janeiro on November 29, 2020.

Photographer: Dado Galdieri / Bloomberg

Around the world, the president and prime minister are Scrambling Scoring precious vials of the Kovid vaccine to protect citizens and gain political favor. Not Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil.

The president, who has been a victim of the epidemic since the beginning, refuses to vaccinate, Pooh-Pooh has no need to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies and says that the country waits for the price drop before buying syringes or needles will do. On Thursday, he said that Brazilians also do not want Vaccines – Information obtained by polling people on the road and the beach.

“It’s pointless, these are experimental vaccines without any scientific evidence. You can’t impose it on people,” Bolsonaro said. “We should be responsible, we can’t say to the crowd that we need to hurry. “

His dismissal is fast leaving Brazil behind in the global race to be vaccinated against a virus. About 1.9 million people have died in Brazil, of which 200,000 have died. While neighboring countries Argentina, Chile and Mexico have started taking shots, Brazil does not even have a clear timeline to do so. Companies have been slow to submit requests to the local regulator, who have 10 days to vacate the shots before they are delivered. Negotiations with Pfizer Inc. have been dragged on for two months.

Vaccination begins in Latin America, where Kovid hit hardest

Like US President Donald Trump, Bolsenero turned down his base in times of crisis. At the height of the epidemic, he fell into the crowd, hugging supporters – from the terror of local officials trying to impose sanctions. As criticism grew, Bolsonaro asserted his stance that the economic toll was more important than the disease, calling the concerned “sisters” and insisting on chloroquine – unproven as a treatment – was the solution.

Bolsonaro, who got Infected and recovered himself, starting a program of $ 60 billion in cash handouts, which removed poverty and raised his approval rating to a record.

“Bolsonaro is a deprivationist,” said Daisy Siokari, a political scientist at the Catholic University of Sao Paolo. “He does not share the same set of basic facts as other people, and has a basis that is completely hypnotized.”

With around 8 million cases, Brazil is one of the world’s most hit countries. It was expected to perform better vaccinations, once known as SUS, given deep experience through their public health system. It has 35,000 outposts and reaches 90% in 2020 despite the epidemic.

Kovid Infections continues to grow as Emilio Rebas Institute of Infectious Diseases ICU

Doctors and nurses work to resuscitate a patient on December 4, 2020, in a Kovid-19 intensive care unit at a hospital in Sao Paulo.

Photographer: Jonne Roriz / Bloomberg

There are also two well-recognized institutions in the country that deal with the production of vaccines locally – Instituto Butanan and Firoucruz, partnered with Synovac and AstraZeneca, respectively. And despite what the president says, 73% of the public say she wants to be vaccinated.

Both institutes Filed a request for Emergency use of vaccines with the regulator on Friday.

Over 17.5 million shots given: Kovid-19 Vaccine Tracker

The lack of central government action has left Brazil’s 27 states to fend for themselves with limited means to hunt the world for deals. Wealthy states can make odd jumps due to the epidemic.

Fates about inaction by the federal government have pushed Health Minister Eduardo Pazuelo into action. Third man Holding the post since the crisis – a military general with no medical background – he dismissed criticism this week, saying that Brazil had received 354 million doses of vaccines and that all states would be treated equally. The government, which had bet on the AstraZeneca-Oxford shot, agreed to include China Synovac boosters for “due to its origins” plans despite Bolnero’s public objections.

But Pazuelo has also spread misinformation. At a news conference on Thursday, he said that the AstraZeneca vaccine requires just one shot, and that the second dose is just to boost efficacy from 70% to 100%, which is not correct.

He also said that there were no open market vaccines available for the population of 210 million – To acceptTing, in fact, that Brazil failed to find them early – and so the country would have to make its own.

The Ministry of Health did not respond to e-mails seeking comment on Pazuelo’s statement on vaccination plans or AstraZeneca. The president said it would not comment on Bolsonaro’s webcast and beyond the minister’s press conference.


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