Jaguars stay in the locker room during the national anthem

Jacksonville, Fla. – The Jaguars stayed in the locker room on Sunday while playing “Loft Every Voice and Sing” and “The Star-Spangled Banner” before the team’s game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Jaguar issued a statement on its decision.

“We have decided to stay in the locker room while playing the pregame ‘Life Every Voice and Sing’ and ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ to raise awareness of racial injustice against the Black community,” the statement said. “We understand that not everyone will agree with our position and performance, although we hope everyone will try to understand its cause. We all want one thing: equality and justice.”

CNN Sports Reporter and Anchor Andy Scholes tweeted a photo showing the Colts’ sideline, stating that Colts head coach Frank Reich was merely kneeling.

Just before landing on Thursday night from the NFL’s 2021 season, Houston stayed in the locker room during the Texas National Anthem.

The Associated Press reported that fans interrupted him as he exited the tunnel. The Texans and Kansas City chiefs continued to greet the midfield as they moved and shook hands, their enclosure arms stretching from one end to the other, considered a moment of silence.

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