Jaguars Hire Amy Palcic to Lead Communications

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Texans fired Amy Palcic as vice president of communications in November, creating something of a firestorm at least among the national media.

The Jaguars have now hired Palcic to lead their communications team.

New coach Urban Meyer announced the hiring Monday night, writing on his personal Twitter account: “I am delighted to be able to announce a very important addition to the @jaguars. We have hired @amypalcic to lead our communications team! Welcome to Jacksonville, Amy! “

Palcic is the only woman in charge of a communications department in the NFL.

Then-team president Jamey Rootes insisted after news broke of Palcic’s departure from Houston that made the move unpopular. Whether Rootes made the call or Executive Vice President of Football Operations Jack Easterby stepped in, Palcic was reportedly told it was no longer a “cultural fit.”

The Texans’ departures in the past four months have been revealing. Bill O’Brien, Rootes, Palcic and JJ Watt are among those who are no longer in Houston. The bigger question remains: Will Deshaun Watson follow them to the door?

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