Jacoby Meyers goes with a little flashy dazzle and passes for a touchdown

The New England Patriots turned into a quarterback-turn-receiver on Sunday night in the second quarter of their game against the Baltimore Ravens to play the Razoo-Dazzle.

Trailing 10-7 with 1:10 remaining until halftime, Jacoby Meyers took a lateral from Cam Newton to the left side, and delivered a high-arched pass to drive Red Burkhead back into the end zone for a touchdown. Burkhead adjusted his route at the last moment to end the delivery.

Meyers’ touchdown pass was 43.6 yards per NFL Next Jane Staats. It is the second-longest aerial distance – and the longest on a TD – by a Patriots player this season (54.4 yards from Newton to Julian Edelman in Week 2).

Meyers was a high school quarterback committed to NC State, but switched to receiver in 2016 in his redshirt freshman season. Growing up in Georgia, he was selected to the All-Star Team selected by the Charitable Foundation of Newton, so Meyers and Newton gave the A. The link goes back to that year.

When the Patriots play like a call trick, it’s usually Edelman who throws. He played quarterback at Kent State before switching to receiver with the Patriots, but he is currently on injured reserve.

Meyers credited Edelman this week for helping him in his absence.


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