Jacob Blake’s uncle described the police union version as ‘garbage’, ‘abusive’

Justin Blake’s uncle called the Kenosha, Wisconsin, version of the police union, which occurred moments before it was “garbage” and “abusive”.

Justin Blake stated that his nephew was not carrying a weapon and “did not deserve to be shot seven times in his back.” The shooting created a new wave of anger against police brutality across the country.

Justin Blake told CNN, “We are not allowing them to come back after a week and are talking about certain types of weapons, because they are temporarily crippling my nephew.” “As his uncle, this is outrageous.”

29-year-old black man Blake was shot by a white Kenosha officer while leaning into his vehicle. A family lawyer said Blake had three children in the car.

The union’s release of Chacha’s remarks came in response to what he said were “real and undisputed” facts for the shooting – the union says state investigators were left out or left unfinished. Union lawyer Brendan Matthews said Justin Blake fought with the officers, putting an officer with a headlock.

In a Friday statement, the Kenosha Professional Police Association said police attempted to remove Blake and when he failed, Blake battled with the officers and put one of them in a headlock.

“Our family doesn’t have to go to weeds on some trash,” Blake’s uncle said of the headlock accusation.

The police union claimed that Blake was armed with a knife. State investigators have said Blake had a knife in his possession that was later found on the floor of the driver of his vehicle.

A lawyer for the family said that this person never showed “imminent danger” to the authorities over the incident.

“When he says that Mr. Blake introduced physicality [and] Patrick Salvi Jr. told CNN that Mr. Blake applied a headlock to an officer not accompanying the video on behalf of the passenger of the car, which showed police inevitably beating him.

Kenosha Mayor John Antramian said police did not have body cameras earlier this week and did not provide any updates on whether police carried out the incident.

The Post said in response to a 911 call on Friday that Blake was at the home of a woman who accused him of sexual abuse, and had a restrictive order against him forbidding her from being there, The Post said Friday Reported to


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