Jacob Blake’s father says the family does not have a pastor

Jacob Blake’s father said Monday that the family does not have a pastor President TrumpDonald John Trumpbeerks says he is hopeful about the coronovirus vaccine, but urges people to ‘do the right thing today’ McGann argued that Kushner’s security clearance should be downgraded: Wisconsin Governor to Trump Urged not to visit Kenosha: ‘Your presence will not only hinder our healing.’ ‘ more During his press briefing, he said that he had spoken with the family pastor.

The President announced that he Won’t meet His Tuesday visit with members of Blake’s family took place in Kenosha, Wis. After speaking with the family pastor, because the family wanted “lawyers to join it.”

“I spoke with the pastor, the wonderful person, the family pastor,” Trump told reporters on Monday. “I felt it would be better not to do anything where lawyers are involved.”

But Blake’s father later told CNN that he did not know with whom the president spoke.

“We don’t have a family pastor,” Jacob Blake Sr.. said. “I don’t know who he talked to. I don’t care who he talks to.”

The family’s legal team, including civil rights lawyer Ben Crump, made it clear in a statement after a CNN interview that Trump reached out to the pastor of Jacob Blake’s mother, Julia Jackson, “to arrange a phone conversation with him.”

The statement said, “He legally referred the White House to the legal team, but, as President Trump acknowledged during his television briefing, he said that if Ms. Jackson’s legal team supervised the call , Then he declined the call. ”

The statement continued, “The family’s primary objectives are to support Jacob’s recovery and ensure justice for him.” “If the call had occurred, Ms. Jackson was willing to watch video of Mr. Blake’s shooting of President Trump and ask him to do what he told the whole of America to do – check your heart.”

During his press briefing, Trump said the request to join a call with lawyers was “inappropriate”.

“They wanted me to speak, but they wanted to involve lawyers, and I felt it was unfair, so I didn’t do it,” the president said. “I can do that at some point, but they had a lawyer who wanted to be on the phone, and I said, ‘No, this is unfair,’ but I just gave my best regards.”

The president defended his planned visit to Kenosha on Tuesday, following protests following a video of him shooting police at least seven times last week as he opened his SUV. The night protests have been mostly peaceful, but there have been incidents of looting, fire and violence.

white House Announced over the weekend Trump planned a visit to Kenosha as the demonstration continued to “coincide with law enforcement and survey damage from recent riots”.

The demonstrations became fatal on Tuesday when two protesters were killed and one was injured in a shooting.

Like Shooting suspect defended, 17-year-old Kyle Ritenhouse said at the briefing that he was “very violently attacked” by protesters and that he “might have been killed.”

Several Wisconsin officials, including Kenosha Mayor John Antramian and Gove. Tony eversThe Governor of Tony Everswiskin urged Trump not to travel to Kenosha: ‘I am worried that your presence will only hinder our healing’ (D), stated that they wish Trump would not travel during the unrest.