Jacob Blake’s father denies account of Trump’s attempt to call family

  • In a live interview on CNN Monday, Jacob Blake’s father denied President Donald Trump’s White House account of trying to get the Blake family on the phone.
  • Less than an hour ago, Trump said during his press briefing that he could not get in contact with Blake because “they wanted to involve lawyers, and I felt it was unfair so I didn’t.” Did not talk. With the family pastor. “
  • White House senior communications adviser Ben Williamson tweeted, “President Julia Jackson-Jacob was referring to pastor of Blake’s mother.”
  • The family’s attorney later said that the president reached out to Jacob Blake’s mother’s pastor and Trump said that the call would be rejected if his legal team supervised it.
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After President Donald Trump explained why he could not be found on the phone with Jacob Blake’s family, Jacob Blake Sr. denied the president’s stated reason.

Thousands of Americans have protested against police vandalism and racism after an American police officer shot Jacob Blake in Wisconsin on August 23. He is paralyzed from the waist down and the officer is on administrative leave while the state Justice Department investigates.

Earlier on Monday evening, Trump said from behind a White House lecture during a press briefing that the Blake family “wanted to involve lawyers,” so the president ended up talking to a “family pastor” instead.

“We don’t have a family pastor,” Blake Sr. said on CNN when asked by host Jim Acosta when Trump claimed he spoke with the pastor and not the family.

Blake Sr. was adamant that he did not want to “do politics” with his son’s life, adding later with his lawyer, that threats to him and his family were severe enough that he had to move temporarily Was lying.

The family’s attorney Benjamin Crump told Acosta that the White House was coordinating with Blake’s mother and a pastor for his family to work on a phone call with the president.

“But for some reason,” Crump said, “the call never came.”

After the CNN interview aired, Ben Williamson, senior White House communications adviser Tweeted, “President Julia Jackson-Jacob Blake’s Mother’s Pastor Referring.”

The Blake family’s legal team later issued a statement stating that Trump had reached out to Jackson’s pastor, and the president declined to call if the family’s legal team monitored it.

“If the call was made, Ms. Jackson was ready to ask President Trump to watch a video of Mr. Blake’s shooting and ask all people in America to do the same – check your heart,” Statement on Crump’s Twitter account said.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke to Blake’s family on Wednesday. Jackson, said he missed Trump’s call that day in a separate interview with CNN.

“I’m sorry I missed your call,” he said on CNN while addressing Trump. “Because I didn’t miss your call, maybe the comments you made would have been different and I wouldn’t have been mad at you at all.”

Jackson said he has “utmost respect” for the president, “like I said before, and I’m not saying this directly to them, we should always get the details from the right source before we start throwing bricks.”

Trump is expected to travel to Kenosha on Tuesday to reconsider the Wisconsin government’s president’s request.

“I am concerned that your presence will only hinder our treatment,” Evers wrote in a letter to the White House on Sunday. “I am concerned that your presence will only delay our work to remove division and move forward together.”