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Jackson is among the top 5 in the worst cities for people with allergies – MSNNews.com

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) –

Living in Jackson can be a struggle, especially for those who suffer from allergies.

That's because, for the second consecutive year, the capital city is among the five best places for people with allergies.

"I came back, I did the test and found out I was basically allergic to Mississippi," said Jackson resident Brandon Mitchell.

With the spring come flowers and trees in bloom and now, with the warming of the climate, people are also starting to start up those air conditioners again.

That means that if you have not changed your filters recently, the air in your home or car could be dirtier than the outside air.

"The problem could be in your house," Dr. Justine Turner with Turner Care said: "It could be house dust mites or house dust mites that you really do not see, and if you're sleeping with the problem, you're going to wake up with the problem "

for some of us, we can find relief with over the counter medications, but for thers like Brandon Mitchell, take monthly photos to live comfortably in the capital.

"When I'm a vocalist, I can really say when I sing if there's a lot of drainage," Mitchell said. "Somehow it hampered what I do"

Dr. Turner says that untreated allergy symptoms can lead to other more serious diseases, such as sinus infections or pneumonia, so you think it's best to take a non-prescription medication or an allergy test to see what you are allergic to before the Progress problem.

According to Pollen.com, the pollen count has decreased a bit due to rain. In recent days, we have seen medium to high counting levels in the Jackson metropolitan area. The top pollens are Oak, Grasses and Hickory.

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