Jack Ryder Surprise Hard to Kill Impresses for PPV

Matt Cardona (fka Zack Ryder) has been hanging low on the wrestling scene since its release by WWE. He shocked fans when he showed up at AEW to help Cody Rhodes. That run was brief, but has probably found a new home. Cardona made his debut for Impact Wrestling tonight (January 16, 2021) Hard to kill PPV

The setup began when Ace Austin interrupted to complain about not joining the program. He sought to appear in the X-Division Championship match. Scott D’Amar didn’t have the idea, but he agreed that Austin should be on PPV. D’Amore had a special rival in mind. The man is the one who is always ready.

Enter Matt Cardona.

Cardona took action over Austin and was on the verge of victory when Madame Fulton hit the ring to save Austin. Fulton’s violence led to a DQ win for Cardona. Cardona sent the crooks back for his jumping leg light maneuver.

Are you happy to see Matt Cardona under the influence? Where does that fit into the Impact Pecking Order?

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