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J.D. Gibbs 1969-2019 | RUNNER

J.D. Gibbs, who prompted his father, Joe Gibbs, to enter the world of motor racing for the first time, died Friday. He was 49 years old.

The eldest son of the owner of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, J.D., had been battling a degenerative neurological disease. In 2015 he underwent treatment for symptoms that affected areas of brain function, including speech and cognitive processing. The origin of the disease was never diagnosed, although doctors suspected that it was probably related to head injuries that he suffered earlier in his life.

Born Jason Dean Gibbs on February 21, 1969, J.D. He led an active and extroverted lifestyle. Rear and fourth defensive from 1987 to 1990, Gibbs attended the College of William and Mary in Virginia.

"J.D. is strengthened by the fact that he has a personal relationship with the Lord, and I must tell him that he is my hero when I observe him," Joe Gibbs said in 2015 when he reported on the condition of his son. "I do not know if anyone has dealt with something as brave as J.D.

"He went through a situation in which his son Taylor had leukemia at age two, and we fought for that for three or four years. J. Throughout his life, J.D. He has probably been the bravest person I have ever been or known. "

Joe Gibbs Racing was formed in 1992 and J.D. He was named president of the company in October 1997. When Joe Gibbs returned to the NFL, it was J.D. who took the reins of the company and directed it until the mid-2000s.

Under his guidance, JGR began to expand into what has become today. Gibbs hired Denny Hamlin, who would win the Daytona 500 in 2016, and brought Kyle Busch. In 2015, Busch won the fourth championship of the main series of the organization.

During that time, Joe Gibbs Racing made the switch from Chevrolet to Toyota and expanded to four cars in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series and three in the Xfinity Series. J.D. He was also instrumental in changing the company to Toyota Racing development engines.

Gibbs was named co-president of Joe Gibbs Racing with his father in February 2016. Behind the wheel, Gibbs made 29 starts between 1997 and 2002 between NASCAR K & N Pro Series East, Camping World Truck and Xfinity Series.

He is survived by his wife Melissa and his children Jackson, Miller, Jason and Taylor.

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