‘I’ve never been out in my life’

Alvin Kamara’s strange, potentially unused absence ended last week, but questions about it continue.

Kamara was short in his response to the case on Monday.

“In fact, I was never out in my life,” Kamra said if he wanted to clarify anything about recent reports about his situation. “that’s about it.”

Kamra was missing from practice last week and reports said her absence was indeed unclear, while her camp denied such a claim and told an epidural that she had a back issue due to her lack of involvement. Received as to bring back. At the same time, a contract dispute had surfaced between Kamara and the sannyasin, leading some to believe that Kamara was under the cover of a health issue.

Coach Sean Peyton told reporters that Kamra promised to follow the epidural and, as promised, landed on Wednesday, while the Saints were signing a new deal for the bench.

Kamra did not elaborate on the matter on Monday, closing the discussion with a brief response:

“I used to come to the building every day,” Kamra said. “That’s all I have to say.”

He is not lying, but we will leave it up to his teammates, dealing with Tran Armstead, to clearly explain the case with a glance to the future.

“It’s a blessing to be in this business,” Armstead said, Via The Times-Picayune’s Luke Johnson. “It’s a blessing for both sides: The team gets to negotiate a long-term deal with a player of Alvin Kamara’s caliber, like someone in the building has a chance to do, and it’s a blessing for Alvin There is a team that wants you. I think that is a great thing. Hopefully we will get the numbers and years and know it all, but that match is set and both of them will be interviewed for a long time. ”

Kamra has not yet signed an extension, but as Armstead said, it appears to be something that will happen sooner rather than later. We can never know the full details of Kamara’s absence, but it seems as if the matter is of the past.