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The elimination of Eli Manning as the starting quarterback of the New York Giants presents an opportunity for rookie Davis Webb to take the field this season.

While Geno Smith is having the first start this Sunday against the Oakland Raiders, Webb will have the opportunity to play also during the remaining five weeks of the season. When that opportunity comes, Webb says it will be ready.

"I get up here early and I stay here quite late and I always prepare as if my opportunity will come tomorrow, I would be ready and address it that way from the day I arrived here," Webb said on Tuesday in quotes distributed by the equipment. "It does not really affect much, but right now, I'm going to be the best possible teammate for (Eli) and Geno, and we're going to try to help us win our game on Sunday."

Webb said he has learned a lot from watching Manning this season. The way Manning handled the news that it would not start again is something that also made an impression on Webb.

"Today was quite big," Webb said of what he had learned from Manning. "The way he drove himself, the way he handled himself in front of his teammates, me and Geno included, he was first clbad, he was very supportive, he's ready to help us win a game .

"I've learned something from him every day and I've really written them and I've really taken the trouble to … always kind of idolized Eli and there were a lot of field marshals he saw growing up, but to be his partner of equipment and see how he did it every day. His routine did not change today and he's a great teammate, he's the best quarterback in the history of this franchise. "

Webb has not played in a regular game this season for the Giants. in the preseason against the New England Patriots, where he completed 8 of 14 pbades for 103 yards.In four preseason games, Webb completed 18 of 34 pbades for 190 yards and was caught once.

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