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Ivanka’s visit means good business diplomacy, better politics: The New Indian Express


Conventional diplomacy is outmoded in Modindia today. PM Modi is disdainful of dipstick diplomacy, which is high in advertising but low on delivery, as the opulent optics of Ivanka Trump's visit demonstrated. Development and India Power are the twin towers of its outreach policy. The PM is the father of Bizplomacy, a new paradigm in international relations where corporate influence and geopolitics do not separate at birth.

After about 40 months in office, Modi seems to have realized that a commercial proposal valid for EE. UU meaning in real time that a diplomatic hug or a hollow handshake. Modi's visible preference for American options is an indication of India's shift from multipolar parleys to internationally unique connectivity driven by commerce. From the number of his visits to the United States and the expansion of the carbon footprint of American business and political leaders to India, the United States and the Americans are now the taste of Modinomics and Modiplomacy.

Last week in Hyderabad, the prime minister was at his best, playing the perfect host for a powerful high-profile American businesswoman and showing his influence as the Brand New India patent developer. More than 1,500 entrepreneurs from 159 countries were invited jointly by the governments of America and India to participate in the 8th Global Summit of Entrepreneurs held in the capital of Telangana. The business delegation of 400 members of the United States was headed by Ivanka Trump, the 36-year-old daughter of President Donald Trump. Modi set a new precedent for the protocol by launching a lavish official dinner in her honor at the Taj Falukhnama hotel and held an individual dialogue with her.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Sushma Swaraj, Ambbadador of India to the US UU Navtej Singh Sarna and Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar was present. The Indian media devoted themselves to the competitive adulation of the elegant descendants of POTUS. At the end of the three-day extravaganza, it was evident that she came and spoke, but barely conquered the hearts of those who came. Forgetful, the main objective of the event was to maximize the message of his first visit to India and Modi's desire to consolidate his personal relationship with the first family of the most powerful nation in the world. Modi accepts it as a dynasty with corporate and political lineage with the potential to support the Indian brand in the world.

Officially, Ivanka's status in the White House hierarchy is vague. She flies with dad during most of her visits abroad as a member of the official delegation. The trip has always been smooth. Once she was badped for taking her father's chair at a G20 meeting. However, nowhere has he received such high standards of pampering protocol as the welcome to the red carpet of the Modi government. At home, Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner are known for their business acumen rather than their diplomatic skills.

However, in India, where dynastic connections automatically invite beards, their status as perceived influence in the US business environment. UU the Indian settlement. However, the notable absence of many leading women entrepreneurs in the United States and of great corporate personalities did not go unnoticed as huge contingents from both India and the US. UU They were also part of mid-level business leaders. Obviously, Modi's plan is to reach future generations of capital creators and not current ones.

Ivanka fits the type of enlightened businesswoman of today. In the Summit speech, she defended the empowerment of women and gender equality as the most effective tools for creating wealth. Lines like "having diversity is a better business". It is, therefore, a fiscal responsibility of companies for their shareholders to balance the gender gap in the workforce, "and" Just consider, if India closes the gender gap in the labor force by half, its economy could to grow by more than $ 150 billion in the next three years, "were indicative of Ivanka's entrepreneurial mentality.

His charm diplomacy did not go unnoticed as he chose the right words to describe his magnanimous host. Behind Modi's rise to power, he said: "What you are achieving here is truly extraordinary. From his childhood selling tea to his election as prime minister of India, he has shown that transformational change is possible. "Modi's response had diplomatic overtones, while he spoke eloquently about India's friendship with the United States and not about his own Ivanka.

While the prime minister and his team demonstrated India's ability to create business opportunities, the Summit was an opportunity for Ivanka to better understand the current economic environment in the country where the 3,500 million dollar Trump Boost It has a lot at stake.Even before the bellicose billionaire became the presidential candidate of the United States, his real estate companies had signed agreements with Indian developers to use Trump's name in their projects. Promoters of two of the five projects are well connected to the BJP and the NCP? As a regular US citizen, Trump is not investing dollars in these projects in Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata and Gurgaon. He is only lending the prestige of his name and charging huge fees for it.

America is the most attractive business and business destination in the world. Since Modi took office in 2014, India's exposure to the US markets. UU It had spread at a very high rate. India has been expansively liberal in plowing its growing pile of dollars. With more than $ 400 billion in foreign exchange reserves, Indian investment in US Treasury bonds has also shown unusual growth. Their possessions have increased by more than 100 percent since the BJP came to power at the Center. From $ 67 billion in 2014, Indian investment increased to $ 145.1 billion in 2017.

A data badysis reveals that the confidence of the Reserve Bank of India in US Treasury bonds. UU It grew exponentially from June 2014 onwards. Figures from the Treasury Department show that India's exposure to US stocks has been steadily rising since January. The RBI has justified this trend with the argument that the US market is much more remunerative than European markets. Clearly, Modi does not perceive politics as a game of power. By meeting and welcoming business leaders like Ivanka, he is willing to show that good business makes even better internal policies.

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