Ivanka Trump: The daughter of the new combative president raised questions about her future

Trump recently lost his more military positions, pushing back to what he described as a “partisan investigation” and adopting a more aggressive posture with his father.

Ivanka Trump was ousted in the attorney general’s inaugural lawsuit in Washington, DC on Tuesday, focusing on an investigation into potential malfunctions during the 2016 Trump inauguration celebration. And although she did not publicly announce her testimony prematurely, she had something to say.

“This week I spent 5+ hours in a statement with the office of Democrat DC AG where he questioned the rates charged by the Trump Hotel at the time of the inauguration. I shared an email with him 4 years ago where I sent the hotel Instructions to charge were sent. “A fair market rate” (see below) which the hotel then did, “she wrote in the statement.

He said, “This investigation is another politically motivated demonstration of ‘taxpayer dollars’.”

Future plot: Trump children also benefit from their father's fallen legacy

A December 14, 2016, email, enclosed in Trump’s tweet, said: “Just looking at it. Why don’t you call and negotiate. It should be fair market rates.”

Trump’s tone and allegations of “retaliation” came on the heels of his defense in the week before two investigations into the president’s tax cuts, which he tweeted were “harassment.”

“This harassment is pure and simple. This ‘inquiry’ by NYC Democrats is 100% inspired by politics, propaganda and anger. They are well aware that there is nothing here and whatever the tax benefit was. These politicians are just ruthless Huh.” She tweeted, later calling it a “fishing expedition” and “a sustained political vendetta”.

The final months of the White House job indicate a change in the tone and tenor of Trump’s words and actions from four years ago, when moving to Washington he was seen as a more liberal voice than most conservative Republicans Was more socially aware.

Yet as time progressed, Trump began to freeze to the right.

“Full MAGA is gone,” a source said, adopting a more conservative approach in sync with a Trump brand, becoming more closeness with his father.

“I am pro-life and unapologetically,” Ivanka Trump said in an interview with Real Clear Politics in an interview in October. ‘

Trump has publicly maintained the West Wing portfolio neatly. And privately, he advised his father on a wide range of issues. He also dabbled in diplomacy, meeting with world leaders on a variety of subjects, including visits to India, South Korea, Germany and Japan, and traveling abroad on behalf of the administration.

During the presidential campaign, as the swing states narrowed and the push to woo suburban women voters became more dire for Trump, Ivanka Trump was a strategically positioned North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin , Made several stops in the suburbs of Michigan and Arizona. .

All that Trump found during his appearance was that it was a lucrative draw for the party, which totaled $ 35 million in nine fundraising events. The ease of wooing donors, the high demand for his presence and the warm-up from his father’s base fueled other perceptions for Trump – a vigorous presence, and a desire to continue his own political future.

Candidate Ivanka Trump?

According to two friends and a small group of White House aides, Trump keeps an eye on public office.

“Ivanka certainly has political ambitions, there is no question about it,” a source working closely with the Trump family told CNN. “She wants to run for something, but still needs to find out.”

There is talk of an Ivanka Trump run for Florida governor in the near future, as there is a potential run for Congress in New Jersey, both states where Trump has vacation homes. The Trump-Kushner family currently resides in a house in DC’s Tony Kalorama neighborhood, two miles from the White House.

A White House official has said that they have spread out their former upper-side apartment in New York City, and there is widespread belief among the couple’s close friends that they anticipate moving back to Manhattan, even if it means the pair’s Have a difficult homecoming.

Requests for comment by CNN to Trump’s spokesperson were not returned.

But another source close to Trump told CNN that speculators who believe he is plotting a political situation should take a break.

“At the moment, she is caring about her policy initiatives that could last weeks in the administration on her own behalf and is looking for her three young children,” the source said, not by Trump. Door to any future occasions, including a run for office.

The horrors of his recent public comments are countered by investigations by Democrats and officials, including both he and his father. “She is speaking less,” said a source close to Ivanka Trump, with less concern about sitting back and telling people what she wants and distorting the facts.

The more she swings back, the more she drives herself to the future as a Republican, the source said, who works with the family, and is doing so with her father’s blessing.

The source said, “Of all the children, Trump is focused on his running. He sees Ivanka as the heir.”

Next Step

CNN reported last month that Trump has emerged as someone looking for a way for the president to understand his future. She and her husband Jared Kushner would like the president to speed up their legal processes across the country, as they have proved fruitless efforts, and have accepted the race. A major force in the couple’s calculations: a look at her future and the legacy of her husband Jared Kushner.

Trump is well aware of the foot that Kushner’s work on the peace of the Middle East can do in months and years outside Washington, often tweeting her husband’s accomplishments in the region. He gave his father a more calibrated message, asking him if it was worth harming his legacy and possibly his businesses to continue his disapproval of the election results.

Ivanka Trump is privately realistic about the president’s loss, a source told CNN, but she also knows that her entire future – now more than ever – is tied to her father and handled him delicately should go.

Ivanka Trump, a longtime acquaintance, says “she has ambition in her bones, she is motivated to reach the top whatever she wants to get to the top.”

Jamie Gangel of CNN contributed to this report.


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