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It's time to move & # 39;

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/ Source: TODAY

By Drew Weisholtz

It's Carson Daly's last call in "Last Call".

Carson has announced that he will no longer host NBC's late night show, which will end a 17-year career.

The TV veterinarian decided to leave the program at 1:30 a.m., which debuted in 2002, to focus on his roles with TODAY and "The Voice", in addition to spending more time with his family.

"If you had told me in 2002, I would be part of NBC's historic family of the night for 17 years, I would have said you were crazy!" Daly said. "It's hard to believe that it's been so long, 2,000 episodes, it's time to move on to something new and allow someone else to have access to this incredible platform."

And at least one enduring thing came out of those 2,000 episodes: he met and finally married the segment producer Siri Pinter, who joined him on Wednesday of TODAY.

"We were totally up to the task," he insisted on their relationship. "It worked pretty well, honestly, 17 years … it was a good race, it was a great race."

The 45-year-old says it's time to face different challenges.

"My 20 years was about finding a good job," he said. "My 30 years was about taking as many as I could. Now, in my 40s, I'm focused on quality over quantity. I want to do more with my family TODAY and continue to host and produce & # 39; The Voice & # 39; and explore new opportunities. "

NBC is expected to reveal a new show in the "Last Call" slot and it is not clear when Carson's final episode will be aired.

And while he is looking forward to new opportunities, including partnership with The Golf Channel, Carson knows that none of them can have a candle to be a family man.

"I could have all the jobs in the world, but none of them is more important to me than dad's," said Carson, a father of three. "My family will always remain my top priority and the best concert."

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