It’s okay to call Anderson Cooper a “quilter”

Illustration for the article Its title is ok to say chuckle on Anderson Cooper It's called quilter it is said.

Screenshot: Cnn

If it a Long week for For us, it’s an endless Anderson cooper. But like many other anchors Cnn, He is tasked Together Non stop delivery Coverage of A presidential election two days later, has still not been called.

The symptoms of exhaustion began yesterday afternoon, when Cooper Unstable meditation is the result of both Thousand-yard staring and Naughty Caper, one of the world’s largest social media platforms.

If you need it, here is a full copy of their faux pas:

“The president basically declared victory overnight, claiming that fraud was being committed and making false statements on the quilter,” he said, immediately serving to get everyone’s eyes exposed.. “Uh, I’m sorry, on twitter. Unfortunately, the camera cuts away from Cooper’s fellow silver-haired colleague John King, before he can put his hands on his mouth and emit Pearl-clutching gasps.

Naturally, jokes soon began to be made on the very site that inspired the jokes.

With everything going on in the world, we would all be forgiven for laughing at the quilter, just as Anderson Cooper would be forgiven for making it.

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