It’s okay to accept that Lewis Hamilton is a goat

Lewis Hamilton Goat That Its Fine Title Illustration for the article

The image: Mercedes-AMG F1 Team

This weekend we all got to see a solo race, showing how great driver Lewis Hamilton is. Turkish Grand Prix was a pure masterclass of patience, determination, driving skills, tire management And the strategy Hamilton has developed during his record-breaking career. In qualifying it was clear to see that the Mercedes chassis did not really react well to the water on the track’s surface, and could do no better than a sixth on the grid. Hamilton, and the Mercedes team supporting him, were hardly confident about the result at Sunday’s GP. But still he won.

Hamilton from his first season in F1 Behind only a teammate in the championship Twice. And one of those times was 2016 when he completed five Just shy of Nico Rosberg winning that championship. The man has gone by the word, having fallen to just one point of the championship in his battered year. He won the sixth Grand Prix, in which he competed as a 22-.year-Outdated driver.

People felt that Michael Schumacher’s seventh career would never break. From 264 starts, Hamilton won 94 races and held 97 pole positions. He is good at qualifying, he is good at running, he is just plain good. Think of it this way, in the 1031 Grand Prix race in history, Lewis Hamilton has won 9.11 percent from them. This only idol makes Lewis’ career really crazy. And he is only 35 and still at the top of his game.

Listen, I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t always have Lewis Hamilton’s back. I lived in Spain when Fernando Alonso won his first title, and like the whole country my blood ran Renault Blue and Yellow for those two years, then Silver and Orange when he moved to McLaren. He ended the Schumacher dynasty, he was the king-Slayer. And here comes this arrogant young Britain, who thinks he can join hands with Alonso? PAH!

And then, well, he did. I have Only seen An individual F1 race, the 2007 US Grand Prix, which Hamilton easily won over Alonso. I was distraught, but still I could admit to myself that a truly egotistical child had some talent for doing all this. Much has been blighted about Hamilton over the years, at least because of his skin pigment. It has taken some time, but he has grown and matured as a man and a driver; Through it all he just kept his head down and moderated the best race he can.

Are still inhibitors, Like sir jackie stewartWho called Hamilton fired by Mercedes in 2016 For his actions in the season finale. Most of the offense Hamilton receives is as praise for the Mercedes team, stating that he would not have won all these races, if it were not for the car, it being the best of the grid. While it is true that Mercedes is clearly an effective car, the Lewis Hamilton impact needs to see the inconsistent record of teammate Valteri Bottas.

Bottas has won two GPs in Hamilton’s 10 this season. Even if you discount hamilton And promote Bottas Second-Finished place for victory, he will Only profit Five. Check out this most recent race and you’ll see Hamilton hit a sixTIn the event of starting the h spot in a win, while Bottas started in ninth place, dropping everyone and his mother down to 14th, and his champion teammate defeated him. Had Mercedes been forced to rely on Bottas to raise the flag for the team alone, Sergio Perez would have won the race. Same car, very different results. Bow and ring before his goat, kissing Valtteri.

And perhaps the greatest thing about Hamilton? He is not just going to stop and drive. He is a climate activist, an equality activist, he speaks the truth for power And people pay attention because of his talent. Hamilton is a true up-to-nothing story that comes from racing on a middle-class background The local karting track became the largest F1 driver ever. It took me a while to accept it, but after the 2020 season and Vishal Adverse that hamilton Faced this season – Till now Still coming At the top by a landslide – I am can not do Now deny it.

The ride is not over. With these cars remaining very high for the 2021 season, it is quite likely that Mercedes will still make impressive gains in the rest of the field. although It is not yet official, a far greater conclusion that Hamilton will not return. 44 seats, Ready to take his eighth World Driver’s Championship. If he keeps the win rate equal this season, he can win more than 10 percent Of all F1 race in history until next year. Nobody can touch it. At least not for quite some time.


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